Unique Food of the Month Clubs That Make Everyday Eats More Memorable


most unique food of the month clubs

When you think of a monthly gift club what comes to mind? Wine of the Month Club? Beer? What if you want to send a gift to someone who doesn’t drink? There is one gift that everyone loves and will always be appreciated:  Food!

Many people aren’t aware that there are scores of exciting options when it comes to sending a delectable treat. The most unique food of the month clubs offer tempting items like brownies or cookies, while others offer unlikely gourmet products such as pizza and potato chips. Snacks, dinners, desserts and sides can all be delivered monthly. If you want to give a memorable gift that stands out from the crowd, then check out our list of the most…

Unique Food of the Month Clubs

Our favorite food of the month clubs take everyday eats to a whole new level.

Cake and Cupcake of the Month

No one can resist a delicious, gourmet cupcake, epecially one that arrives once a month on schedule. Birthdays can be extended to last the entire year when you join a mouth-watering cupcake of the month club. Dark chocolate, white wedding cake, and tuxedo cupcakes (chocolate cupcake topped with butter cream) are just a few of the unique flavors that will deliver a smile. Cake may seem like an unusual gift to send through the mail, however most bakeries are able to ensure freshly-made products by using wholesome, all-natural ingredients. Check out our article for some sweet Cake of the Month Clubs, or talk to your local cupcakery for something in a smaller package.

Cookie of the month club

Cookie of the month clubs are a great choice because they’re not just limited to birthdays. This is one sweet gift club that can be sent for any reason:  a wedding gift, a job promotion or just to say, “I love you.” Express your care with traditional chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, M&M, cookie dough and many others. While you are ordering these chewy morsels, you may want to sign yourself up for a Cookie of the Month Club, too!

Potato chip of the month

Honey-mustard, salt &vinegar and parmesan cheese-flavored chips may sound “exotic” if you’re used to buying your chips at the grocery store. But, sign up for a potato chip of the month club and you’ll discover the real meaning of variety. A monthly chip club delivers gourmet potato chips so your favorite snack-lover can explore the salty flavor profiles of America’s finest tuber. The next time you’re in charge of “chips and dip” take it up a notch  and give your hostess a membership to a potato chip of the month club. The Anchor Foods Potato Chip Gift Pack doesn’t come monthly, but does have 24 of the rarest gourmet potato chips you can find. Their “of the month” club delivers six 6-ounce bags at a time.

Popcorn of the month club

It is hard to believe there are so many flavors of popcorn available from popcorn of the month clubs.  White cheese, Ranch, toffee, butter pecan, chocolate, kettle corn and sour cream are a few of the hundreds of flavors offered. A monthly popcorn club is a versatile gift. It can be eaten anywhere, it has near-universal appeal, and it’s fun guess what flavor might be coming next! Popcorn is handy at picnics, sporting events, long trips, around the fire or while watching a movie. Order a Popcorn of the Month Club and you may not want to give that popcorn membership away at all.

Pizza of the month

Do you have a family member loves pizza? Perhaps a teenager who eats pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Give them something special to eat with a pizza of the month club. This gift club is a treat for the taste buds! Monthly pizza clubs offer the chance to try out at least 12 different styles and creative flavor combinations. The broadest range of choices will come from a national gift club that sends a semi-prepared pizza you can cook in the oven, but you may also find a local restaurant with a pizza club that comes piping hot to your front door. Clubs of America will ship their monthly pizza club anywhere in the country.

Bacon of the month club

Of course, the most interesting of all of the unique food of the month clubs is saved for last.  The bacon of the month club is an unexpected treat for your favorite carnivore.  Different gift clubs offer monthly deliveries of peppered bacon, specially-cured bacon, organic bacon, artisanal bacon and more. One of our favorite monthly clubs even includes unique items such as a mix for making bacon-infused pancakes for the serious connoisseur. Check out our list of the best bacon of the month clubs.

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