Tea of the Month Clubs Are a Healthy Indulgence


tea of the month clubs

While everyone else might be giving away gift sets and pre-arranged baskets from big-box department store retailers this year, you can give a truly unique present with a tea of the month club. Many people love to enjoy fine drinks and to try new beverages, so by giving a subscription to one of these tea of the month clubs, you can give a gift that people can enjoy all year long.

Tea of the month clubs are available in many different selections and flavors, with options such as hot teas, herbal teas, special supplements, and brews from countries around the world. With so many options, it’s easy to see that anyone on your list will love to receive this gift. For flavors to please every palate, check out these four tea of the month clubs.

Adagio Tea of the Month Club

Adagio Teas are the perfect way to enjoy a healthy indulgence throughout the year. Their Tea of the Month Club is also very economical, so it’s a treat you can have without any guilt! Choose from five different varieties of gourmet tea: flavored, herbal, decaf, black, and a green and oolong combo club. The club includes two 4-oz packages, sent every other month for the length of your subscription and you can add on one of Adagio’s revolutionary ingenuiTEA teapot for less than $20. The ingenuiTEA teapot has a unique filtration system that makes it one of the easiest tea preparation systems on the market. (more information)

Monthly Tea from Teavana

Start an inspiring journey with Teavana’s Tea of the Month Club! Choose the type of tea that suits you from one of Teavana’s six varieties: Connoisseur’s Club, Classic Tea, White Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea or Herbal Tea. Each month, members will receive 2 oz of three different teas—a total of 6 oz of tea. A monthly club is the best way to learn everything about tea and end up with a healthier you. Teavana will even deliver to Canada and Mexico! (more information)

Gourmet Tea of the Month Club

When you join the Gourmet Tea of the Month Club, you will experience tea like never before with a variety of white, black, green and herbal teas in flavors like vanilla cream, spiced chai, raspberry currant and jasmine citrus. Club Galore’s teas are always fresh and made with all-natural and organic ingredients. Each gourmet tea comes in an elegantly embossed tin designed to keep your monthly selection full of flavor. Each month members receive a total of 40-50 servings with two different flavors from one of the highest rated companies from around the country. If you’re looking for top-grade teas, herbs, spices, flowers and fruits that create imaginative blends, then check out the Gourmet Tea of the Month Club. (more information)

Gourmet Food Clubs Tea of the Month

The folks at Gourmet Food Clubs know from personal experience that nothing can compare to the “special bond” that exists between serious tea drinkers and their hot, beloved, magical brew. Food may just be food and drink merely drink, but to a “tea connoisseur”, a genuinely great cup of tea is really something so much more deeply personal. That’s why they ensure that only premium quality teas are featured as Gourmet Food Clubs Tea Club’s Tea Of The Month—each chosen by a distinguished panel of renowned taste testing aficionados. Each month members will get two “hand-picked” boxes or tins of tea with about 30 tea bags each. (more information)

Culinary Teas of the Month Clubs

When it comes to unique flavors, Culinary Teas takes a hands-on approach. Candie Yoder, co-owner of Culinary Teas, is a tea expert who is skilled at tasting and creating new tea blends. As members of the Specialty Tea Institute, all of Culinary Teas products are taste tested regularly to make sure that every cup is the freshest available. Culinary Teas offers six different tea of the month clubs: flavored, green, black, herbal, traditional and decaf. Each tea of the month club comes with either a 2-cup Dimbula Tea Press or a 3-cup Sherwood teapot. (more information)

Tea of the month clubs are a thoughtful gift that is simultaneously tasty, fun, and exciting for someone to receive all year—whether that someone is you or a special friend!

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