Swine and Wine Club is the Best of Two Gourmet Worlds


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Some might ask, what could be better that artisanal, gourmet bacon? Others long for the smooth swirl of a vintage bottle of vino. Here at best of the month clubs, we want it all! Isn’t there a gift club that offers Swine and Wine?

Of course, we wouldn’t ask the question if we didn’t already know the answer.

The Swine & Wine gift of the month club from BaconFreak.com is one of the more unusual gourmet gift clubs that I’ve come across. It must be popular combination because in addition to the gift clubs, the site also has more than six different types of Swine and Wine gift sets.

Bacon Freak is known for selling the very best premium gourmet bacon and Coastal Vineyards specializes in the finest boutique wines from the California Coast. The two companies decided to combine their specialities and the Swine and Wine gift club was the delicious result.

The monthly Swine and Wine Club pairs artisan bacon with just the right wines by having expert chefs match the unique flavor profiles of the bacon with the unique characteristics of a particular wine. The end result is two of everyone’s favorite things in the same meal. What foodie wouldn’t love that?

For about $50 a month, you will receive a pound of gourmet bacon along with a bottle of California wine. The gourmet food club also includes a recipe created to showcase the flavor profiles of the bacon and bring out the flavors in the wine.

Join the “red” or the “white” club and you’ll get selections of cabernets and zinfandels or rieslings and chardonnays.

Visit the Swine and Wine club for more details.

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