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It is hard to resist the tasty temptation of a gourmet food club that delivers sweets fresh every month. Mmmmm. Sweets! Candy, cakes, cookies, desserts, whatever your sweet tooth craves can be ordered by mail and arrive at your doorstep fresh and ready to serve up for friends—or an afternoon of personal “confection reflection.”

And finding that sweet gift? Well, that can be an adventure all its own. Don’t be afraid to eat your way to  the perfect present! Send sweet desserts or other confections by mail and deliver a heartfelt moment of thoughtfulness throughout the year. When ordering a sweets gift club, choose from colorful candies, delectable assorted chocolates, richly layered cakes, fruit-filled pies, creative cupcakes, chewy cookies, creamy cheesecakes and other boutique-style baked goods.

Even with all these choices for sweets of the month clubs, finding a merchant you can trust to deliver only the freshest sweets, on time every month can be a challenge. After all, many of us have never ordered gourmet food online! So, how do you know who to buy from?

Find a Sweets Gift Club

Here’s our round-up of some of the best Sweets Gifts Clubs and where to find them.

Chocolate of the month club

Mmmmmm, chocolate! This is the response that you will receive when your loved one starts receiving a box of chocolates on a monthly basis. Gourmet chocolates filled with nougat, caramel and cream or rich, chocolate truffles are just two of the endless possibilities when it comes to purchasing an order from a chocolate of the month club. Check out the menu of fine gourmet chocolate gift clubs.

Cake of the month club

Start the first month off with a sour cream cocoa cake or a German chocolate pound cake to sweeten the deal. During the holidays, an egg nog rum splash cake is perfect way to show you care. Cake of the month clubs offer a variety of different cakes and many of them are catered towards major holidays. Why wait for a birthday to celebrate with cake? For some unique twists on traditional lemon cake check out the Cake Plan from Miss Grace Cakes or check out our full list of cake of the month clubs.

Pie of the month club

Send an apple pie for the month of July, a pumpkin pie for October and a pecan pie for November. Each month offers an opportunity for your friend who loves pies to experience a different one each month. Blueberry, lemon meringue, peach and coconut cream pies are many of the favorites that can be sent through pie of the month clubs. Subscribe to the Clubs Galore Pie Club for a little piece of heaven in twelve specialty flavors: Tollhouse Cookie Pie, Coconut Custard, Peach or Cherry Crumb and more.

Cupcake of the month club

Cupcakes are a treat that are small enough to justify eating one. Send a dozen traditional or flavorful explosions to the babysitter who has been so loyal in watching your child. Chances are she will bring them over to share! Irish Cream, Lemony zest and chocolate malt are some of the more unique taste experiences that are offered from cupcake of the month clubs. Call your local cupcakery for information about subscribing to a cupcake delivery service. And, if you find a great online source let us know!

Cookie of the month club

Cookies are a great gift to send to Mom on a monthly basis for all the years she made cookies for you. The choices of cookies that are available to send are endless with a number of clubs offering unique styles as well. Choose from double fudge chip, White chocolate mocha, peanut butter swirl and toffee supreme just to name a few. Look for cookies shaped to match animals, sports teams and other items to add creativity to the gift, or find a variety of cookie flavors at David’s Cookie Club.

Cheesecake of the month club

Who can resist a rich, deluxe cheesecake conveniently delivered and ready to dig in? This is the sweets club of choice for those who love to divulge in the creamy taste of different flavors of cheesecake. Tempting flavors include key lime, chocolate peanut butter, pumpkin, white chocolate peppermint and more! Don’t let this taste sensation be denied; send the gift of a Cheesecake of the Month Club for months of love and appreciation.

Dessert of the Month Club

Can’t decide on just one? A monthly dessert club delivers a variety of sweets including classic favorites such as gourmet cakes, spectacular tarts, rich chocolate brownies and more. Depending on which dessert-by-mail club you select, most companies will send either one or two of each dessert each month—ie: two cakes, two tarts, etc. Each dessert is often enough to share with 6-8 people. Surprise a hostess with this gift the next time you’re invited to dinner and you can be sure they’ll invite you back again soon. Or, order a sweets club for yourself! It’s great to know that you always have a gourmet treat waiting if unexpected guests drop by. David’s Dessert Club has the right mix of high-class desserts and traditional sweets to please every member of your family.

Candy of the month club

Taking a tour through Willy Wonka’s candy factory was a childhood dream shared by many: The bonbons, lollipops, jawbreakers and chewing gum had many mouths watering for candy! Now you can bring these items and more home with a gift purchase from a candy of the month club. Many of the clubs offer the purchaser an option to personally create an assortment of different candies: Colorful jelly beans, metallic and foil covered chocolates and even sugar-free candy to please any pallet. One of the more popular candy clubs comes from the Candy Warehouse.
What kind of sweets do you crave? If it’s not on this list, let us know! Or leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite sweets of the month club.

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  1. chocolate_lover says:

    OMG! This is going on my Christmas list! I would want either the chocolate or the cheesecake club for sure.

  2. jenniface says:

    No way, the candy club would be the most fun because you’d get try all sorts of old-style candy. Well, either that or the cookie of the month.

  3. I agree with jenniface (above). Sign me up for the candy club 🙂

  4. I like the cupcake and the candy of the month clubs. It would be perfect for the kids!

  5. Helen Anderson says:

    With cupcakes being the “in” thing right now this would be a great club to be in. I love cupcakes (not just because they are popular right now) and would love to get a new cupcake each month. Delicious!

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