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snack of the month clubs

It is difficult to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a snack between mealtimes. Snacks can be eaten during parties, sports games, a gathering of friends or any other occasion when a meal is too much. Giving this gift is a great idea for a nephew or niece who is away at college. Snacks are a great way to fuel up while hitting the books; whether it is a nephew or niece doesn’t matter, because he or she will appreciate the gift of snacks.

Snack of the month ideas include everything from gourmet potato chips, flavorful beef jerky, pretzels, salsa, popcorn, even variety packs for those that just can’t eat one.

Potato Chip of the Month Club

Potato chips are great for satisfying a craving for a snack, as they are undoubtedly the most popular snack item in the United States. Potato chips have become very creative, as the options have expanded as to how they are cooked. There are regular chips (with many flavors such as barbecue, Cajun, salt & vinegar, bacon and cheddar and more), kettle chips, natural kettle chips and baked chips. The diversity can be helpful in choosing different types of chips to send to different friends and relatives. The Chip-of-the-Month Club from Kettle Brand delivers a seasonal collection of classic favorites and hard-to-find flavors. Plus twice a year members get a sneak peak at Kettle’s new flavors before the chips even hit store shelves.

Pretzel of the Month Club

Pretzels come in all shapes and sizes these days, providing a unique combination of flavors to enjoy anywhere:  On the go, at home with friends, on a picnic or for no reason at all! Honey mustard, garlic and sea salt are some of the more popular flavors. Shapes such as rounds, traditional, sticks and circles provide many options from which to choose with pretzels to be delivered to your loved one monthly. Personally, I like my Pretzel Club covered in chocolate.

Gourmet Beef Jerky Club

Beef jerky is a wonderful gift for an uncle or a friend who loves to eat it. Many of the clubs will offer two or more different types of jerky delivered each month. Flavors can vary from a traditional style, hickory, barbecue and teriyaki to some of the more intriguing flavors such as smoked maple, chili lime, wild honey and brown sugar. Some jerky clubs offer alternatives to beef such as venison (deer jerky), which can offer a uniquely flavorful taste of its own. But, if Beef is your thing check out Big John’s to get a one-pound bag of jerky delivered monthly.

Nuts of the Month

Nuts can be a great source of protein for those who are hikers or campers who are busy on the trail and have little time to stop and prepare a meal. Nuts are a fabulous way to show someone you love them. Consider sending your loved one a monthly gift of a pound or more of delicious nuts: Roasted hazelnuts, salted peanuts, Brazil nuts, pine nuts, pecans and cashews are just a few of the tasty nuts to send to your hiking friend.

Monthly Popcorn Club

Popcorn is a snack that is impossible to eat just a handful, so it shouldn’t be surprising when the popcorn arrives at your friends house, it is gone within the first hour. A Popcorn of the Month Club offers a number of different flavored popcorn to send on a monthly basis. Garlic, cinnamon, lime, traditional, white cheese and hundreds of more flavors are available with the popcorn of the month clubs.

Salsa of the Month Club

You may not afford to send your parents to Mexico, but you can bring Mexico to them this year. Aye, carramba! Salsa of the month clubs showcase a variety of flavors to enjoy throughout the year. Garlic, chili verde, mild, medium and spicy, super hot and “on fire” are just some of the salsas that are offered from salsa of the month clubs. Look for a free serving bowl as a special offer available through some clubs.

Snack Variety  Club

Snack varieties can be a combination of snacks delivered in separate packages or there are some that combine snacks into one tin. Expect to find salty and savory morsels like pretzels, peanuts, potato chips, nuts, and more specially selected for connoisseurs  groomed in the art of snacking. The Popcorn Factory  has this Snack of the Month club.

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  1. The Potato Chip of the Month Club seems like fun. Different flavor every month!

  2. Lovin’ the pacman made of corn in the picture! These are some great clubs!

  3. Cristine Tanner says:

    LOL. How could you go wrong with the Beef Jerkey of the month club. My husband will be eagerly awaiting his salted/dried meats every month,this is the perfect gift for him and my sons.

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