Sauce of the Month Clubs Are a Sassy Gift for Gourmets


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When you think of gourmet food gifts what comes to mind? Elaborate gift baskets with fancy crackers, smoked gouda and caviar? Maybe, something less formal like flavored popcorn? How about something saucy?

If your favorite foodie is a little bit saucy, then find a gift with personality to match. A Sauce of the Month Club can be spicy or sweet, just like your loved one! Marinades and Sauces are also a great gift for guys. Give your macho man a subscription to a hot sauce gift club. Or, send a special delivery of barbecue sauces to the guy who loves to grill.

Hot Sauce Subscriptions and Condiment of the Month Clubs

Check out our rousing round up of monthly sauce clubs for full-flavor gift ideas.

Marinade of the Month Club

The Marinade Of The Month Club showcases a new and different all-natural marinade or gourmet finishing sauce each month of the year. Sign up for yourself or gift it to a friend and a bottle of the sauce will be delivered by mail every month for either three or six months. The first gourmet marinade will be shipped when order is placed and and includes a gift card at no extra charge. Subsequent Marinade of the Month selections will be sent the first week of every month. (more information)

BBQ Sauce of the Month Club

Now you can offer the gift of taste—a new and delicious barbecue or grilling sauce sauce every month! BBQ Sauce Of The Month Club members will receive a new BBQ Sauce by mail every month during their subscription. The first BBQ Sauce of the Month will be shipped when order is placed and and includes a gift card with your message at no extra charge. Subsequent sauces will be sent the first week of every month. (more information)

Hot Sauce of the Month Club

Are you ready for the hottest gift of all? Feel the flame with a new and delicious hot sauce every month! Depending on the length of your subscriptions, selections in the Hot Sauce of the Month Club will include spicy treats like Maison Louisianne’s Creole Pepper Sauce, Betty Boop Hot Sauce, Sonny Barger’s Habanero Heat or Hellfire Sauce and more. Your first bottle of sauce will ship when you place your order, after that monthly gifts are mailed the first week of the month. (more information)

Gourmet Salsa & Hot Sauce Club

The folks at Gourmet Food Clubs pride themselves with an ability to consistently keep their loyal members  satisfied by delivering only the very finest and freshest, “hand-picked” salsas and hot sauces in their Gourmet Salsa & Hot Sauce Club.  Each sauce is specially prepared from the choicest quality ingredients found on Earth. Face it, superior salsas and heavenly hot sauce are not just the most popular and widely used condiments on the market these days, they are a veritable way of life. (more information)

Monthly Salsa Club Comes in Hot or Mild

For lovers of Southwestern and Mexican foods, the Salsa of the Month Club from iGourmet promises to spice up any otherwise dull cuisine. Each shipment includes a bottle of either Hot or Mild salsa (your choice) along with a descriptive brochure. It’s a simply spicy way to enjoy a different world-class salsa every month. Whether you’re the adventurous type, or you know a foodie that is, a monthly salsa club is a passport to exciting flavors. (more information: mild salsa or hot salsa)

Wild Thyme Gourmet Condiments Club

The Wild Thymes Gourmet Gift Club is the perfect gift for the perfect hostess. Wild Thymes award-winning dipping sauces, are very much in keeping with the current and ever-changing trend toward international flavors. These dipping sauces are extremely versatile and perfectly balanced. Enjoy them as dipping sauces, stir-fry sauces, simmer sauces or glazes for seafood, pork, meats, poultry, tofu or vegetables. Use them as sandwich spreads or add them to your favorite sauces to add an extra kick! You can anticipate sauces and marinades such as their mango-papaya chutney, raspberry pear vinaigrette, peanut-sesame dipping sauce, cranberry fig sauce and more. (more information)

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