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Finding a plants by mail membership  isn’t that difficult. There are many fabulous companies that will deliver any number of flowers on a month-to-month subscription. You can find gift clubs for roses, monthly orchid clubs, organic plants, bonsai trees and more. Yet among this garden of gift clubs, one flower is harder to find — the lovely violet.

If you or someone you know admires African Violets, then you already understand that no other flower is quite the same. Luckily, there is a nursery that offers a Violet of the Month Club! And, it’s the perfect gift club for anyone that appreciates the delicate beauty of violets.

At the Selective Gardener, the aim of the Violet of the Month Club is to provide members with many different varieties of premium Optimara African Violets. Though members do not have the option of selecting or rejecting specific cultivars, the program has been designed to ensure that each member receives a collection of many unique and beautiful varieties regardless of which membership option is chosen.

Mmber of the Violet of the Month Club receive three African Violets each month. All of the plants are genuine Rhapsodie and Optimara Violets, each one guaranteed to be beautiful and of high quality. Collect all the varieties, even the hard-to-find ones.

There’s another exclusive bonus of the Violet of the Month Club subscription — members are among the first to receive new cultivars!

Violet of the Month Club Subscription

Imagine receiving 3 beautiful and specially selected 4-inch Optimara violets every month. With 12-month membership, a true “Violet Nut” will be able to build a great collection of 36 unique and performing plants. Violet Lovers can start small with a 3-Month subscription that delivers a total of 9 plants, or choose a mid-level plan of 18 violets delivered by mail over six months. Either way, members will always receive the newest releases of violets.

Plants usually ship at the beginning of the month depending on the weather — sometimes cold winter months must be skipped, but they will be added to the end of the membership term.

The Selective Gardener has been shipping Optimara Plant Care products and live plants since 1994. Over the years, Monique and the crew have made customers around the United States happy with their quality plants and beautiful blooms. The site is known not only for their Violet of the Month Clubs, but also their seasonal mini Poinsettias.

Visit the Selective Gardener for information or to purchase a subscription to the Violet of the Month Club.

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  1. Mandy Riley says:

    I would love receving 3 beautiful violets each month. I love flowers and during these winter months when things are dead and gray it would be so welcome to receive a few violets in the mail. The variety of violets that would be coming is really exciting.

  2. I’m sure my girlfriend would love to receive these beautiful violets this Christmas. She loves violets!

  3. Drew Taylor says:

    I am with FIll ths would really make my girlfriends christmas. She is something of a green thumb and our house always has some kind of flower in it and outside in our yard. Great gift idea thank you.

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