Popular Gourmet Food of the Month Clubs


Gourmet Food of the Month Clubs

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What do you give to the foodie who has eaten everything? A gourmet food of the month club may have a solution to please your fine-dining friend. Many popular monthly gourmet food clubs offer specialty items that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

High-quality food stuffs such as grass-fed beef, lobster, international cheeses and rich limited-edition chocolate make gift-giving a meal in the park. For foodies that want to do their own cooking, other gourmet food clubs offer only the best olive oil and spices to enhance the flavor of foods prepared at home.

Many of the finest food companies have gourmet food clubs. If you’re not sure what to order, you can ask the professionals at your local gourmet deli select a monthly menu of culinary delights, or just ask us!  Here are some of our favorite subscriptions for gourmet food of the month clubs.

Steak of the Month Club

Meat lovers beware! This beef bonanza is a gift club that you’ll want to renew on an annual basis. Filet mignon, t-bone, porterhouse and New York strip are some of the steaks that can be delivered monthly. Some Steak of the Month clubs offer a more diverse menu, and allow customers to order ribs and pork chops, too. Add a side dish of potatoes au gratin to complement the monthly meat and your favorite carnivore won’t even have to go to grocery store before firing up the grill. The ultimate meat club has to be the 360-Pack from La Cense, but if steak is really what you’re after then go for their Filet Lovers Club—tender, lean and grass-fed.

Lobster of the Month

Many people rarely have the opportunity to dine on lobster, let alone on a monthly basis. The gift of lobster is truly a unique gift that your loved one will never forget. It is a great alternative for those who do not eat red meat. Make sure you search around for a club that offers free shipping, because lobster can be expensive and savings on shipping will help fit this fancy feast into your budget. This Lobster of the Month Club features the best lobster tails from the Atlantic and Australian waters and served at top-rated restaurants around the world.

Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club

Cheese is a great way to accent many meals or to eat by itself. If you know a cheese lover, then the cheese of month club is a perfect gift idea. Discover the regional taste of curds from Wisconsin with the choice of American cheeses or delve into creamy Brie from France. Order specific cheddars or for those concerned with sustainable eating, a variety of organic cheeses make a great gift. Cheese of the month is a creative way to express your appreciation any time of the year. This club delivers three artisanal cheeses each month, or click here for details about more of the best cheese of the month clubs.

Chocolate of the Month

Giving the gift of chocolate through a chocolate of the month club gives you a number of endless choices in the manner in which the gift is sent. Mix it up with a delightful box of chocolates to be sent every month, chocolate covered toffee, an irresistible assortment of truffles or chocolate covered nuts and fruits. Free shipping is offered by many chocolate of the month clubs, and gift items, such as mugs, can be found as well. Check out our article about the most popular chocolate of the month clubs.

Gourmet Olive Oil of the Month

Popular gourmet food of the month clubs offer more than common food items, and olive oil is one of them. Olive oil of the month clubs can send light, virgin and extra virgin olive oil in beautifully crafted bottles that can be used again long after the olive oil is gone. This is a perfect gift for an Italian food lover any time of the year. The Olive Oil Club from Gourmet Station offers a premium selection of olive oils infused with rosemary and sage, black truffle, and citrus flavors. (more information)

Spice of the Month Club

A meal isn’t complete without the spices that add life and zest to it. Show your care to a friend by sending him or her ingredients of flavor. Your loved one will know that he or she has taste when you send monthly spices such as paprika, cumin, and oregano in decorative spice jars to be refilled. Spice of the month clubs send both fresh and dried spices. A combination of spices can be premixed for fabulous tasting rubs. (more information)

For more fun and less formal food of the month clubs, read up on these great monthly snack subscriptions.

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  1. Love these food of the month clubs!

  2. Martin Jensen says:

    The Steak of the Month is totally calling my name! I love a good steak and to be able to get a great steak each month sounds awesome. Steak is my favorite food and I would love to be a member of this club.

  3. Some really great monthly food clubs here but surprised you didn’t feature our New York bagel of the month club – http://www.BagelOfTheMonthClub.com – how do we get considered for future reviews? We’re happy to send samples…..

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