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As a necessity, water is a fine beverage and very refreshing after rigorous activity, but it doesn’t make a very good gift for friends. On the hand, coffee baskets and gourmet tea sets are always popular gifts, but sometimes lack that je ne ssais qoi that makes a gift feel unique, personal and perfectly planned for the recipient. Turn your one-time gift into a monthly gift club, with something wonderful arriving each month, and your gift will be the stand-out winner. A memorable treat that gives joy all year round.

Beverage of the Month Clubs

Several popular beverages make wonderful drink of the month clubs including not just coffee of the month, but also tea of the month, soda of the month or even juice of the month. Before investing in the first beverage of the month club that pops up on an Internet search, take some time to review the unique features that set each gift club apart from the rest.

Coffee of the Month

Coffees from around the globe can be delivered just about anywhere. Send a coffee of the month club to your cousin Joe and he will wake up every morning grateful that you pulled his name in last year’s round of secret Santa. If your friend doesn’t have a grinder, know that some clubs will ship bags that are already ground. However, if your recipient is a true coffee conessuir don’t even think about sending anything besides whole beans! Selections vary from regional favorites to seasonal blends. Find out if the recipient prefers a certain roast of coffee — such as light, medium or bold — to make the coffee of the month gift membership more personalized. Read this article for tips about choosing a coffee of the month club.

Soda of the Month Clubs

Whether you call if soda or pop, if your recipient is old enough to remember when this fizzy beverage came in glass bottles then they are sure to smile if you buy them a Soda of the Month club. A monthly soda club is less likely to deliver Coke or Pepsi and much more likely to serve up a taste of nostalgic sweetness with soda flavors like grape, classic rootbeer, and orange or strawberry cream.

Monthly Tea Subscription

Tea of the month is a special way to treat a friend or a relative to diverse flavors from around the world. A beginner’s tea of the month club often includes a wider variety of flavors and can provide a nice overview for drinkers new the world of tea. If your recipient has a more seasoned palate look for a gourmet tea club  with a narrow focus, perhaps a year’s worth of exotic blends with spicy overtones, something fruity for those that prefer their tea iced, or twelve shipments featuring the deep blended flavors of black tea. Herbal teas can be a good alternative for those who drink decaffeinated tea or for drinkers that enjoy the fresh flavors of natural herbs, fruits and spices. Because teas do not come in bottles or large packages, the cost of shipping may be inexpensive. Check out our list of tea of the month clubs.

Juice of the Month Clubs

Sweet, refreshing and 100-percent juice. A juice of the month club is a  thirst-quenching way to taste the seasons. Although there is some variety, most juice clubs specialize. You can find sparkling grape juices, organic nectars, sweet  or spicy apple ciders and seasonal clubs with juice made with just-harvested fruits. Health-conscious friends and gourmet guzzlers will both enjoy a monthly juice club, but this beverage club isn’t just for grown-ups. Kids love to get mail and a juice of the month club is a great way to introduce children to new flavors while getting them to eat their veggies. Pittman and Davis delivers a beverage that is sweet, citrusy and refreshing—a grapefruit juice of the month club!

One last tip when it comes to buying a beverage of the month club, see if the vendor offers free shipping. Dependng on the item, this can drastically reduce the cost or allow you to choose a higher quality assortment of monthly items.

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  1. Bekah Owens says:

    The Coffee of the month sounds awesome! I love coffee and have gotten tired of going to Starbucks everyday to get the same thing. I would love sampling a different coffee each month and even better it would be easier on my wallet. 🙂

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