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gift of the month clubs with organic ingredients

Some of the people on your list can be a bit tricky to shop for, as they may have very specific tastes or preferences. When you’re shopping for people who have a unique and distinct sense of what they enjoy, it’s great to find a gift that shows you care about their interests. That’s why organic of the month clubs are a popular gift item for many people who need something a little more special to give. By giving someone a subscription for an organic of the month club, the lucky gift recipient will receive specially grown fruits, vegetables, or other foods right at his or her doorstep each month.

There are many selections in organic of the month clubs available, including clubs for fruits and veggies, meats, plants and flowers — even bath products like soaps are available from some independent retailers. You’ll find a few of the best options right here, allowing you to select an organic of the month club for nearly any eco-conscious or environmental soul on your list. 

Organic Gifts by Mail

Organic gift of the month clubs utilize only the finest natural products and work to eliminate waste and synthetic materials. One of these gift clubs may be the exact perfect gift for someone who would otherwise be tough to shop for because you’re not sure what type of gift fits in with their environmental beliefs or their health-conscious lifestyle. If you have a friend or family member that is careful with their food choices, you usually can’t go wrong with organic! Just remember to also consider the reasons that your loved one prefers organic items. If it’s for health reasons, then just about any of the gourmet gifts listed below will be appreciated. However, if it’s an eco-minded decision, then you also want to consider the impact of shipping the gift by mail. (Check out our list of Green Gift Clubs for a few ideas.)

Organic Monthly Fruit Club

An Organic Fruit of the Month Club is perfect for the health-conscious person in your life. USDA certified organic fruits are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides, making them the perfect worry-free snack. Your friend or relative will receive a selection of delicious in-season fruit ranging from apples in October to strawberries in June, from ruby grapefruit in January to nectarines in August. For the juiciest, premium fruit and free weekday delivery, check out the Organic Fruit Club from Cherry Moon Farms. (more information)

Organic Fruit & Nuts by Mail

Or, for extra variety go for the salty-sweet combination of fruit and fresh-from-the-roaster organic nuts. The Organic Fruit and Nuts Program pairs up two seasonal delights for a fresh snack delivery that you’ll enjoy again and again. And, since the club is managed by Organic Bouquet, you can rest assured that the company is actively working to neutralize the impact from shipping with carbon offsets and other proactive green energy solutions. (more information)

Organic Flowers by the Month

Organic Bouquet delivers beautiful bouquets of earth-friendly flowers. Choose from organic roses or seasonal bouquets for monthly delivery and rest-assured that these plants are as green as they come. The organic flower of the month club purchases carbon offsets  and their EcoBlooms products have multiple certifications which include one or more of the following: Veriflora Certified, Fair Trade certified, transitional, FlorVerde, EcoCert, Rain Forest Alliance, fair labor practices, FlorEcuador. (more information)

Organic Wine Club

In order to be used in organic wine, the grapes must be grown without the use of pesticides. Most organic wine of the month clubs are created from private vineyards, so the selections offered will vary from company to company. Some say that organic wine offers a truer flavor because it isn’t tainted with chemical by-products. If you have a wine connoisseur on your gift list consider a monthly wine club that includes organic varieties and see how the flavor profile of the green gift club impresses. Visit The Organic Wine Company for a sample of what’s available. (more information)

Organic Coffee of the Month

Flavorbean may be known for their naturally-infused flavored coffees, but they also have an impressive line-up of organic coffee. Coffee grown without pesticides has a pure, ripe flavor that can’t be imitated. Take monthly delivery of their rich, flavor-packed organic coffee and you’ll soon understand why this coffee just tastes better. Just choose how much coffee you’d like — you can order one, two or three 12-ounce bags. Then, select either their medium roast 100% Columbian coffee or experiment with one of the many flavored varieties. You might select Organic French Vanilla, a real crowd-pleaser, as well as Organic Amaretto and Organic Almond! (more information)

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