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orchid of the month clubs

A symbol of virtue to Confucius and prized by the Romans as potent aphrodisiacs, Orchids have always held a place in the spotlight among horticulturalists. Although amateur gardeners used to shy away from these beautiful blooms thinking they were too difficult to grow, the secret is out and millions of people have discovered that these delicate-looking flowers are much sturdier than expected. Discover the unexpected longevity of fresh orchids by joining an orchid of the month club.

The Orchid family has over 30,000 naturally occurring species and more than 110,000 registered hybrids so it’s little wonder that you can also find a lot of variety among the different monthly orchid delivery clubs. Whether you want to cultivate your own orchids or  prefer your flowers in a vase, there are enough monthly orchid clubs to find one that suits your taste. Memberships like the Orchid a Month Club send flowering plants that can be enjoyed right away then added to your greenhouse for continued growth, while a subscription to Orchids by the Month™ can deliver a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers to be replaced by another colorful bunch the next month.

Check out the flowering gift clubs below for more details on the many orchid of the month clubs available.

Alii Hawaiian Blooming Orchid Plant of the Month

Monthly selections from Alii Flower’s Blooming Orchid of the Month can include either one or two orchids in each delivery. The club sends varieties of dendrobium orchid plants, which are popular because they can live for many years and bloom again and again. They are also among the simplest orchids to grow and so are perfect for beginners. Shipped when they first come into bloom, the flowers will typically stay in bloom for about 4-6 weeks at a time, require very little care, and will thrive under normal household conditions. (more information)

Orchid A Month Club

The Orchid A Month Club from Hausermann will build up your orchid collection by delivering a flowering orchid plant each month. This is one of the few flower clubs that says they will try to honor requests for a specific type of orchid. Choose a size—medium, standard or large—and your preferred growing conditions—artificial light, greenhouse or window sill—to receive beautiful blooms that will thrive. The nursery is located in Chicago and may not be able to ship outside the area during especially cold weather. (more information)

Kawamoto Orchid Starter Kit

Some folks prefer a more hands on approach than simply accepting delivery each month. For these, the starter package from Kawamotoorchids.com is a great place to begin. It includes five plants and a free book with everything you need to know to start growing your own orchids. The downside is that rather than flowering orchids, they send “blooming size” plants that should bloom within a year. At least you can enjoy the photos while you wait. (more information)

Aloha Orchid Nursery

Aloha Orchid Nursery delivers a rainbow of exotica in their Orchid of the Month program. Gift club members receive different type of orchids and colors every month so you can have an exotic Orchid in bloom all year round. Choose from their Mixed Variety Club or the Cattleya Alliance Orchid Club. Visit the Aloha Orchid Nursery online for details. (out of business)

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