Omaha Steak Club Delivers a Meaty Treat by the Month

Omaha Steak of the Month Plans

Omaha Steak Plans offer a tender, juicy delivery of premium flavor.

If you’re a fan of mouth-watering meat, outdoor grilling and kicking back with a cold beer, then a steak of the month club is definitely for you. Omaha Steaks has plans featuring some of the best cuts of premium steaks and gourmet meats. What’s so tempting about this particular deal?

Well, for starters, it’s a big change from fruit! There is a huge market for gourmet food of the month clubs. But many are fairly tame with healthy choices like fresh fruits or snacks such as popcorn and pretzels. They might taste good, but don’t necessarily rise to the level of gourmet cuisine. For folks who want a top-shelf experience — those of the vintage wine, luxury resort and Italian sports car persuasion — filet mignon and porterhouse fit the bill better than the PB&J club. If this sounds like you, what can you expect from the Omaha Steak Club? 

Omaha Steak’s Gourmet Delivery Plans

Omaha Steaks offers a nice selection of pre-determined packages. Choose from quarterly deliveries of your favorite steaks (starting at $84 per delivery) or splurge on a monthly plan that includes a menu of gourmet meats that include steaks like filet mignon, top sirloin and porterhouse as well as delicious poultry and fish entrees like chicken in pastry and stuffed sole with scallops and crab. The monthly plans range from about $70 to $120 depending on the entree options and number of servings you want.

Regardless of which plan you select, the quoted price is per delivery (shipping is free) and doesn’t require a long-term commitment or huge up-front payment. The per-month price doesn’t change based on the duration of your membership, so you get the same great deal even if you only keep the subscription for a few months.

Once subscribed, take the opportunity to try top-quality steaks that aren’t available at your local butchers — like Omaha Steaks signature Triple-Trimmed Filets or Private Reserve, which the company describes as “the ultimate in gourmet filet mignon.” From strip steaks to rib-eye, these collections are not to be missed if you’re a budding steak chef with an eye for rubs and medium-rare perfection!

As a gift, the Steak of the Month Clubs (delivered quarterly) is perfect for anyone who enjoys meat and knows how to cook it. For someone like me, whose culinary prowess is somewhat less pronounced, an entree plan featuring premium recipes makes cooking like a Top Chef as simple as turning on the oven.

For more details, check out the Omaha Steaks Gift Plans and get ready to try all sorts of cuts and meats you’ve never had before. We’ll have ours medium rare, thank you very much! Got any peppercorn sauce?

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