Monthly Fruit Clubs: A Fresh Way to Say “I Care”


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Everyone feels extra important when they receive a “special delivery,” so if you need a gourmet gift, then you can’t go wrong with a fruit by the month membership. Similar in style to the original “Fruit of the Month Club” that started the monthly food delivery craze — today’s fruit-by-mail subscriptions offer modern selections such as organic, specialty or exotic fruits.

When you buy a friend or relative a Fruit of the Month Club subscription, they will receive a box or basket of fresh, high-quality assorted fruits each month. Fruit by mail clubs come in many different packages — seasonal fruits, organic fruits, exotic fruits, or a even dedicated to showcasing the many varieties of a single succulent fruit. How does one choose between all the delicious options?

If you go for a three- or six-month subscription, then you’ll want the opportunity to taste as many different items as possible. I would suggest a variety club that includes two or three different types of fruit in each delivery. However, if you are going to sign up for fruit by the month for an entire year, then definitely choose to go with a seasonal club which packs up a single type of fruit at the height of its ripeness.

Of course, that’s just the first of your choices! Below are the most popular types of monthly fruit clubs. Each offers a unique twist on a traditional gift club that has proven time and again that, unlike fruit cake, a fruit club will never go out of style.

Seasonal Fruit by Mail Clubs

The most popular Fruit of the Month Club is the standard seasonal fruit subscription. Seasonal fruits may include apples and pears in the fall, citrus fruits in the winter, berries and cherries in the spring, and stone fruits such as peaches and plums in the summer. All fruits are carefully selected to be perfectly unblemished, beautiful, and ripe. Fruits are wrapped individually and carefully packaged so that they will arrive in pristine condition. Many clubs even offer free shipping with your purchase. Clubs of America offers a popular monthly fruit club that delights members with a rainbow of fresh flavors year round. Check it out here.

Exotic Monthly Fruit Clubs

Your favorite foodie will love the gift of an Exotic Fruit of the Month Club. These clubs feature a variety of tropical and perhaps unfamiliar fruits such as lychees, rambutan, cherimoyas, and dragon fruit. Many of the selections in these gift clubs are difficult to find or even unavailable at typical supermarkets. What better way to chase away the winter blues than to open a crate of fragrant, colorful passion fruits or mangos in January? Exotic Fruit Delivered Monthly.

Organic Fruit by the Month Club

An Organic Fruit of the Month Club is perfect for the health-conscious person in your life. USDA certified organic fruits are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides, making them the perfect worry-free snack. Your friend or relative will receive a selection of delicious in-season fruit ranging from apples in October to strawberries in June, from ruby grapefruit in January to nectarines in August. Check out this fresh Organic Fruit Club from Cherry Moon Farms.

More Fruit Club Gift Ideas

Other Fruit by the Month Clubs focus on varieties of a single fruit, such as apples. Each month, the recipient will enjoy a different variety of apple, such as Macintosh, Jonathan, or Braeburn. A similar type of club from Hale Groves offers different varieties of citrus fruits according to what is in season: oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines, as well as more exotic choices such as Meyer lemons, pomelos, and ugly fruits. Click here for details about the Citrus Lovers Fruit Club.

With all these options, why should your friends have all the fun? Membership in a monthly fruit club is also a convenient way to simplify your own busy life while sampling a variety of ripe, seasonal fruits. Fruit gift clubs are a healthy and delicious way sample the best flavors of every season. Whether you give a subscription as a gift or buy one for your own family, there’s nothing like the taste of freshly-harvested, high-quality fruit delivered to your dooor.

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