9 Unique Flower and Plant of the Month Clubs


“Plant a seed and watch it grow” is a term that is given new meaning with this creative gift idea. Perhaps Aunt Jane has a green thumb and loves anything to do with gardening or plants, or maybe you want to tell that special woman you’re thinking of her all year. Garden- and Floral-themed gift clubs have nearly as many variations as the plants they send. In fact, with today’s many choices for flowering plant clubs it’s just as easy to find a gardening gift for the man in your life.

If you want to touch their heart it’s time to take another look at flower of the month and other monthly plant gift clubs.

Plant and Flower of the Month Clubs

Once thought of as a “traditional” gift of the month club, these unique gifts are getting more exotic every day. As they grow in popularity (pun intended), more florists and nurseries are getting in the action, and creating modern clubs with more options. Consider these exciting gift ideas that are anything but ordinary: organic flowers, bonsai of the month, seed clubs, monthly orchids, violets, rare plants and more.

Carnivorous Plant of the Month Club

Once thought of as difficult to grow, carnivorous plants are actually quit easy. Sarracenia Northwest will even show you how in their DVDs Grow Carnivorous Plants Volumes 1, 2 and 3. Each club member gets 6 or 12 shipments of carnivorous plants—pitcher plants, flytraps, dewthreads, tropical sudews, and more—along with an instructional DVD. Choose from Tropical or USA varieties and don’t worry, there are more than a hundred species available so you can renew this membership for years to come. Check out CorbaPlant.com for the details.

Bonsai of the Month Club

The art of bonsai—literally translated as tree in a tray— is the practice of cultivating small plant varieties into living, growing works of art that transform the spirit and soothe away stress. Small trees, such as Junipper or Brush Cherry, are a very zen addition to any home. For a gift that is both meaningful and unforgettable, try a soul revitalizing Bonsai of the Month Club.

Orchid of the Month

With a monthly Orchid by mail, you can give a lucky friend a recurring gift of beauty. Selections can include either a mixed bunch of orchids or a single type of orchid. Deliveries bring the delicate beauty of White wonders, lavender mistines, pink jaguars and green jades, along with many others throughout the year. Our favorite is the Orchid of the Month Club from Allii Flowers — fresh from Hawaii!

Plant of the Month Club

Taking care of a plant and watching it grow creates a special bond for a plant lover. Plants can come in all shapes, sizes and forms, providing a gift that is welcomed by more than just plant lovers. Send a cactus each month for an easy to care for plant, or send a potted flower monthly. Sending a plant each month, no matter what type of plant you decide to send, can be a great addition to any household. ProFlowers has a plant club that delivers 12 Months of Plants in an interesting assortment that includes tulips, gardenia and even a braided money tree. For something more traditional, 1-800-Flowers offers a Blooming Plant of the Month Club with fresh plants at their peek of beauty.

Hawaiian Tropical Flower of the Month Club

Looking for a bouquet of plants you don’t see every day? How about Hawaiian tropical flowers in arrangements that showcase orchids, royal protea, bird of paradise, anthurium, red ginger, heliconia and other exotic foliage. The Hawaiian Tropical Flower of the Month Club also includes a bonus 58-page, full-color book with everything you need to know to care for and arrange Hawaiian tropical flowers. And that’s not all, flower club members get the first pick of the month on the freshest, most exotic tropical flowers in season from Alii Flowers.

Flower of the Month Club

A bouquet of flowers is a great gift for just about any woman. With each monthly bouquet your relationship will blossom as the blooms arrive. She will always have a reason to call, and she will be delighted with beautiful floral arrangements and varied choice of flowers. Violet dendrobiums, exotic trumpet lilies and bulbous tulips may make up the selections throughout the year. Choose from a traditional Flower of the Month club or go green and send an Organic Flower Club instead. Check out our complete list of the most popular monthly flower clubs.

Roses of the Month

Want to give a romantic gift all year round? Roses of the Month clubs will send 12 seasonally-selected bouquets, each with a dozen roses. The colors of rose signify different meanings so you can customize your message each month to show your significant other the flame is still alive and burning. Red roses are the ultimate symbol of romantic love and enduring passion, white roses signify purity and innocence and purple roses signify love at first sight. Organic Bouquet’s Rose Club comes fresh from the farm and earns buyers “eco-points” which can be used on future purchases. ProFlowers will send a free vase with the first delivery. Check out our article featuring Roses of the Month clubs to find the most colorful blooms available.

Violet of the Month

The Violet of the Month Club includes many different varieties of premium Optimara African Violets so every member will cultivate a collection of unique and beautiful flowers. The Violet of the Month Club from Selective Gardner delivers three African Violets each month—all genuine Rhapsodie and Optimara Violets. For yourself or for someone you love, this is the perfect gift for any true admirer of African Violets!

Seed of the Month Club

Seeds are a gift that reaps rewards season after season for those who love to grow fresh vegetables in the garden. Juicy tomatoes, ripe corn, fresh squash and many other vegetables can be grown for a fraction of the cost of buying the store. Another added bonus is that a seed club is also a fraction of the cost of other gift clubs. If you’re gift hunting for a vegetable gardening enthusiast, visit Mike the Gardener for information about his monthly seed club.

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