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juice of the month club

Are you looking for a special gift idea that is fresh, tasty, unique, and fantastically delicious? A juice of the month club may be just the idea you’ve been looking for. When you give people a subscription to a monthly juice club, they will receive a new selection right at their doorsteps every month, meaning that they get to try many great juice blends.

Juice of the month clubs are popular gifts with people who are looking for a present that is different than what everyone else is giving, or for people who like the idea of a wine club but don’t want to give alcohol. Juice club memberships also make great gifts for kids! What better way to help them drink their fruits and veggies, while also making them feel “grown-up.” Keep the whole family happy with a wine club for mom, a beer club for dad and a juice club for the kids. 

Like many gifts clubs, customizing a monthly juice club subscription to fit the recipient and his or her tastes is as simple as choosing the right vendor — which of course is where we can help!

Monthly Juice by Mail Clubs

With the following juice of the month clubs, you’ll find different selections to choose from in order to pick something that will suit the special person on your list. There are all sorts of options available, ranging from fruit juice clubs to selections with creative blends including vegetables and other miscellaneous nutrients.

Red Jacket Orchards Cold Pressed Juice of the Month Club

Red Jacket Orchards fruit juices are cold pressed on the orchard using time honored methods that capture the fruit’s true essence and flavor. The companys swears that the “secret” to making deliciously fresh juice is to keep it simple, so they simply press whole fruit and add little else. Their Juice of the Month Club allows you to send a three-pack of juices and nectars to someone special three months in a row. Each month the specialty juice pack will include two fruit juices and one premium fruit nectar. (more information)

Sweetwater Cellars Monthly Juice Clubs

Building a World-class cellar is not confined to wine aficionados. You can also fill your cellar full of non-alcoholic juices from around the world. The Cellar Club is Sweetwater Cellars’ premier juice club. The monthly juice club provides a mix of the best of everything that they offer — sparkling and still grape juice varieties plus a sampling of apple ciders and English apple juices.

Sweet Water Cellars also offers a specialty juice clubs for all palates. Those that prefer a little zip in their juice can check out Kaili’s Vineyard Club featuring sparkling grape juices, while those that prefer to enjoy the rich natural flavors of still grape juices without the distraction of carbonation, may find that Leslie’s Vineyard Club will better soothe their taste buds. If you love quality apple cider and apple juice as much as you love motherhood and apple pie, then the non-alcoholic ciders and English apple juices in Moorea’s Orchard Club will delight you month after month. (more information)

Fresh Juice Delivery Subscription

Why stick to one juice when you can drink a rainbow? FreshJuiceDelivery.com does one thing — deliver fruit juice. Choose from traditional favorites like orange and apple or go for a more exotic nectar such as gourmet Blood Orange, potassium-rich Cantaloupe or antioxidant-packed Pineapple juice. There is one caveat, since all juices are freshly-squeezed time is of the essence. Although they will ship anywhere in the United States, some juices lose their natural vitamins and nutrients if they are not comsumed within the first 24 to 48 hours so you may need to pay for expedited shipping to keep your juice fresh. If you are lucky enough to live in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas (like yours truly), then Fresh Juice Delivery bring your order straight to your door. (more information)

Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice Club

Pittman Davis selects just the sweetest Ruby Red Grapefruit and then squeezes them at the peak of the season to make each can in their exclusive top-quality Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice Club. There is almost a whole grapefruit in just one six-ounce can of juice. They say it’s “as fresh as if you’d squeezed it yourself” because it’s not canned until they are ready to ship it. For breakfast or anytime — there are few things like a glass of slight tart, slightly sweet grapefruit juice. Pittman Davis’ Grapefruit Juice Club is so healthful and convenient it puts other juices to shame. Subscribe for a year and get either 24 or 48 six-ounce cans delivered monthly. (more information)

No matter which option you choose, sending these juice clubs by mail is a naturally sweet way to show that you’re thinking of someone. Of course, it’s also a gift that they’ll be able to enjoy all year long and they’ll think of you each time they pour a glass.

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