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chocolate of the month clubs

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Chocolate is a favorite amongst many. Who can resist an explosion of delectable melting chocolate coating the taste buds? It’s enough to put anyone in heaven.

It’s more than just the taste that makes chocolate so appealing. Chocolate is a documented mood elevator that give chocolate-lovers a sense of happiness and well-being. Factor in the health benefits such as flavanoids and antioxidants and it’s easy to see why chocolate is one of the most popular gifts for all occasions.

So, how about giving chocolate for every occasion? That’s exactly what a Chocolate of the Month club does.

There are chocolate clubs of every assortment. When choosing a club, your first choice will be deciding what type of dark delights are you or your giftee will most enjoy. There are dark, white, milk, gourmet, organic, exotic, international and even vegan, dairy and gluten free chocolate of the month clubs.

Price may be a factor when selecting the right club. Specialty chocolate of the month clubs may offer smaller quantities of exclusive desserts, while more traditional monthly clubs will offer a broader price range but sometimes a more limited selection of chocolate.

Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Clubs

Completely and totally irresistible, a gourmet chocolate club sends an assorted variety of candies throughout the year, allowing members to sample from some of the finest examples of cocoa-flavored decadence in the world.

America’s Chocolate Club

Every month, the Chocolate of the Month Club from the Clubs of America sends delectable truffles, turtles, mints and melts made in small batches the old-fashioned way — by hand with only natural ingredients. These exceptionally rich and creamy chocolates arrive in a custom presentation box with the Chocolate Expedition, a monthly newsletter with interesting feature articles and exclusive members-only specials. This chocolate gift club has no minimum which means you can sign up for as little as one month—an advantage over some of the other clubs. (more information)

Monthly Gift Club for True Chocolate Lovers

Clubs Galore says that their monthly chocolate gift club is for  true chocolate lovers! Give someone a little taste of heaven in the form of creamy truffles, buttery caramels, premium dark chocolates, nutty nougatines and so much more.  Each shipment contains an entire pound of premium chocolates, created from the finest ingredients and made in small batches by award-winning chocolatiers. Memberships can be ordered in 3-month increments with discounts for longer subscriptions. (more information)

Unique Chocolate Club with Specialty Chocolatiers

Wisconsin Made offers a Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club sure to delight the chocolate lover in your life or your own sweet tooth! A mix of unique candies such as dark chocolate-covered cranberries or chocolate peanut butter cows and traditional favorites like milk chocolate walnut fudge, each month showcases a different cocoa confection from a quality chocolatier. Enjoy a truly decadent chocolate delight sent directly to your door each month, or send a lucious treat to someone special who is away from home. (more information)

Most Varied Chocolate of the Month Clubs

For the most variety, visit The site features 14 different “of the month” clubs with something for even the hard-to-shop-for chocoholic—kosher, vegan, heart-healthy, sweet and salty, extremely dark, truffles and more. Advertised as “fine chocolate for fine occasions,” the site will even let you build your own monthly chocolate delivery from any of their delicious confections. (more information)

Luxury Chocolate of the Month Membership

Luxury chocolate for the high-end aficionados can also be ordered as a monthly membership, but comes with a much pricier tag. Leave the details to the professionals and let an expert Chocolatier personally select the chocolates, which may include bon bons, caramels, dark bark, champagne truffles or boutique flavors like bacon-covered or lavender-infused chocolate bars. Depending on which club you choose, the Luxury Chocolate Clubs from Vosges Haut-Chocolat includes exotic selections such as Caramel Marshmallows, Red Fire Toffee, Les Fleurs du Chocolat, arisienne Couture Cocoa, Calindia Candy Bars, Volcao Island Honey and other unique flavor combinations. (more information)

Chocolate has come a long ways from the days it was once used as a drink by the ancient Aztecan nobles. Sinful and decadent but with documented health qualities, sending a Chocolate of the Month Club membership is a golden ticket to enjoy truffles, bars, milk chocolate, dark, and many other unique or exotic chocolate flavors.

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  1. edilicious says:

    I saw the rates and why have they rated it low?? I rated it five coz I love chocolates! 😉

  2. Karri Tyler says:

    You can sign me up for all of these clubs. I love chocolates any kind, flavor, color or texture. I can ‘t think of a better monthly surprise than delicious chocoates coming to your home.

  3. 3 Sisters Chocolate offers a very interesting Chocolate of the Month Club. It’s not just your typical boxed piece chocolates. They also offer all kinds of chocolate covered items like grahams, marshmallows, krispees and more!

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