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Many small but deserving films never make it to a theater near you. They get squeezed out of theaters by Hollywood blockbusters and face marketing costs that make it impossible to reach appreciative audiences. The DVD of the month club from Film Movement allows you to see the best new award-winning independent and foreign film regardless of where you live.

Film MovementIndependent and Foreign film of the month club that hand picks award-winning festival gems from the world’s top film festivals and delivers a new DVD directly to subscribers’ mailboxes each month. 

Award-winning DVD of the Month Club

With a one-year subscription to their DVD of the Month club, film club members automatically receive an award-winning film to own each month on DVD, before it’s released to theaters and to the general public. Titles are selected by Film Movement’s team of film experts, with over 30+ years of combined experience in the film industry. Movies are selected from the best and most competitive Independent and Foreign film festivals, including Cannes, Toronto, Sundance and Tribeca. Each DVD also comes with a short film on the same disc from a hot and upcoming director! Not only this, but Film Movement members are entitled to special discounts on all catalog films, as well as full access to awards, bio’s and background information on Film Movement’s intuitive and extensive web site.

Whether as a gift for a seasoned film buff, or for someone with a simple love for movies, a Film Movement DVD of the Month Club subscription introduces  new cultures and experiences through carefully selected, award-winning cinema from all over the world, and across a variety of genres.

A one-year subscription to Film Movement’s monthly club will provide countless hours of quality entertainment at home, for a fraction of the price of going to the movies, and since titles are selected by the experts, you’re guaranteed to receive a festival gem every month! So whether for the film connoisseur who wants to be ahead of the curve, for the casual movie viewer who wants to branch out and explore exciting new cinema from around the globe, or for those looking to give a low-cost, high-impact gift, a film of the month club is an ideal gift.

Also, a membership to Film Movement is the perfect idea for any last minute shopper and gift subscription can purchase a subscription online anytime, any day—even on Christmas. Visit the Film Movement website for additional information.

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  1. Gary Empey says:

    Some of my favorite movies in the past couple years have been independents so I would so love this club. It is so fun to be able to recommend movies to people and then hear back from them how great they liked them.

  2. I’m really picky when it comes to my movie choices and don’t like a lot of independent films so I’m not sure how well this would suit me.

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