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handmade clothing of the month clubs

There are many reasons to buy handmade. Not only are handmade items often more unique, handcrafted items also allow buyers to know the history of their purchases and meet the artisan who created them. Buying handmade clothes is also a better way to get the perfect fit and something truly special.

There are handmade clothing of the month clubs for just about every style you can imagine from sexy hand-sewn lingerie to knit caps for kids. We’ve chosen a sample of etsy shops with some of the most unique monthly clothing deliveries. Each subscription offers something special from custom sizing, one-of-a-kind designs, or environmentally-friendly fashions.

What could be better than adorning your body with perfectly crafted clothes? If your answer is an enthusiastic “nothing!”, then have a look at these handmade clothing of the month clubs.

Colorful Tie Dye Sock of the Month Club

Tie Dye Sock of the Month Club is an interesting type of handmade clothing gift club. You get at least a pair every month of uniquely colored hand dyed socks. The socks come in your size designed to fit comfortably. Lizzyoos is the seller and makes a plethora of interesting designs. This gift is ideal for anyone that loves quirky socks, or even for children. Everyone will appreciate the gorgeous colors and beautiful dyes in each sock pair. (more information)

Headband of the Month Club

Headband of the Month Club is an excellent choice for any girl that loves unique headbands. These headbands are lovingly created with unique and modern fabrics. The headbands are designed in the “Harriet” style and include other cute things in the package such as notes and poems. Each month you receive a beautifully crafted headband, and at the end of the year you will have received 12 for the price of 11. These handmade headbands are special and ideal to gift or keep for yourself. Headband materials are endless and you will be surprised each month. (more information)

Knickers of the Month Club

Knickers of the Month Club is a 12 month subscription for one pair of special panties each month. “Undertheroot” offers custom sizing and soft materials for her handcrafted undies. They are delivered at the beginning of the month and promise to be the special pair of knickers you have always wanted. This club makes a particularly special gift for a man to give the special lady in his life. The best part is that size changes are available during your subscription! If you gain or lose weight they will accommodate. (more information)

Eco-Friendly Accessory of the Month Club

Mountain Girl Clothing Eco-Friendly Accessory of the month is an absolutely perfect club for accessory lovers that have a hard time picking and choosing accessories. The possibilities are endless with this club. Their accessories are made with environmentally friendly components, such as organic materials or recycled materials. The possibilities you can receive each month include necklaces, purses, belts, neck warmers, scarves, headbands and gloves, pillow cases, and much more! Unlike other clothing clubs, this one allows you to state which materials or colors you absolutely do not want! This is a remarkable club, and easily one of the best available on Etsy. (more information)

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  1. I know a LOT of people who would love the tye dye socks. I’m definitely going to share that one with them……

  2. Knickers of the month? I am just interested in getting one pair of knickers let alone a pair each month. Sounds very interesting to me.

  3. Hi all! I have a handmade “Skirt of the Month Club” for little girls sizes 6 months to 8 years through my Etsy shop. Each month your little girl receives a surpise skirt in the mail, along with a newsletter with games, jokes, coloring page, and recipes, and sometimes a little extra surprise as well! The skirts are seasonal and sometimes have holiday themes, too, which I can customize to your religious preference!


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