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Environmental impact is a valid concern when choosing the perfect present. You want a gift that will inspire a smile without comprising your values. These green gift ideas offer a little something for everyone on your list. Green Gift of the Month Clubs can be tailored to fit any person or occasion, so you know your present will truly stand out.

Eco-minded gift clubs deliver products—a new item each month—that cater to environmentally conscious people. Many green gift clubs offer memberships with the same themes as their conventional counterparts — gourmet food (even Vegan!), organic fruit or wine clubs, fair trade coffee, or natural bath and beauty products. Even if your friend or loved one isn’t ecologically aware, they will appreciate the quality of the items they receive each month. Green gift of the month clubs are an earth-friendly way to share a smile by mail all year round.

Green Gifts to Eat: Give a Seasonal Fruit Club

Organic fruit, which is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, can be delivered as part of an organic gift of the month club just like any conventional monthly fruit club. Choose from delicious, exotic fruits such as papayas, mangos, Asian pears and pineapples, as well as more traditional fruits such as apples, nectarines, grapefruit and oranges. As long as the club specifically advertises as organic; you’ll know that you’re giving a healthy gift that promotes a better diet with an eco-friendly attitude. This Organic Fruit Club offers mouther-watering fruit from Cherry Moons Farms. (more monthly fruit clubs)

Green Gourmet Gift Club: Vegan or Vegetarian Food of the Month

If you’re not sure what “vegan” means, then this type of gift club probably isn’t for you. But if you have a friend or a family member that is vegan—someone who doesn’t eat any food product derived from animals—then you know how difficult it can be to find these healthy, earth-friendly foods. Aside from fruit clubs, finding a gourmet food club with vegan options leaves only a few choices. However, taking the time to source a vegan food of the month club will show that you value your friend and respect their values, too. Check out Gourmet Station’s Vegetarian Dinners or you can often find vegan dessert clubs on (more information)

Soy Candle of the Month Club

If you love candles, but not the black soot or toxins released by paraffin wax, then you should check out the Soy Candle of the Month Clubs from Zionsville Candle Company. Healthier and long-lasting, soy candles are natural alternative to paraffin wax that’s eco-friendly. Zionsville offers three candle clubs with fragrances such as Strawberry Champagne, Fresh Cucumber Melon, Kathleen’s Spiced Apple, Candy Cane Lane and more. Zionsville also has special BOGO offers for candle club members, so check out their website for all the details. (more information)

Green is Beautiful! Herbaria Monthly Soap Club

Fresh and fragrant, Herbaria’s all-natural soap is made using only the finest oils and botanicals. Their Soap of the Month Club offers what the company describes as “a year of pure pleasure,” but is really a small taste of the amazing variety of herb-infused soaps available on their website—more than 30 different recipes. Subscribe to the soap club and you’ll get 12 scented bars and a travel dish to lather up while away from home. (more information)

EcoBlooms Flowers Gift Club

Organic Bouquet delivers an arrangement of seasonal blooms each month filled with flowers guaranteed to be earth-friendly. EcoBlooms  is creating a new industry standard by ensuring that all packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials. The organic flower of the month club also uses to purchase carbon offsets that mitigate the greenhouse gases generated from shipping the monthly deliveries. This monthly flower program gives new meaning to the term “going green!” (more information)

Organic Wine of the Month Club

In order to be used in organic wine, the grapes must be grown without the use of pesticides. Most organic wine of the month clubs are created from private vineyards, so the selections offered will vary from company to company. Some say that organic wine offers a truer flavor because it isn’t tainted with chemical by-products. If you have a wine connoisseur on your gift list consider a monthly wine club that includes organic varieties and see how the flavor profile of the green gift club impresses. Visit The Organic Wine Company for a sample of what’s available. (more information)

Greener Mornings: Fair Trade Coffee of the Month

Fair trade is a relatively new term to the food supply. It refers to offering producers in developing countries a reasonable rate for the goods purchased. It can also include better terms for the trade. Fair trade coffee is a gift that not only raises awareness, but it also offers quality coffee for the recipient to prepare every morning. In addition to being Fair Trade Certified, Flavorbean is changing the way flavored coffees are made by naturally infusing flavor ingredients directly into high-grade 100% Arabica coffee beans. It may sound like a commonsense way to make coffee, but actually, through this revolutionary process, Flavorbean is producing the world’s first chemical solvent-free flavored coffee! Fair Trade coffee that is better for you and better for the environment with a depth and smoothness that is incomparable to other chemical-laden brands. If the taste of Almond Love, Mint Chocolate or Cinnamon Hazelnut Creme don’t entice you, they also offer traditional roasts, organic and Swiss Water decaf coffees. (more information) or find more coffee clubs)

Go Green with a Digital Gift of the Month

The one problem with just about any green gift club, is going to be shipping. Buying an item locally—versus shipping it cross-country—is almost always a more environmentally sound option, especially for heavy items like wine. However, you can overcome this obstacle by choosing a monthly club that uses gift cards or certificates.

If a digital club isn’t appealing, there is still one more way to make any gift club a little more green — carbon offsets. That’s right, you can buy carbon offsets to counteract the freight of your favorite eco-friendly gift club. Just tuck a note into the card when you present the gift so that your eco-friend will be free to enjoy it knowing that you’ve taken care of everything.

Check out this article for more green gift ideas.

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    My sister is a devout Vegan and I will be so excited to present her with the Vegan food of the month club for christmas. I can’t wait to see her face Christmas mornig she will love it.

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