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When U.S. craft breweries started reporting record sales, The Great American Beer Club took notice and decided to offer craft beer drinkers what they wanted—their own Beer of the Month Club. The Great American Beer Club an easy way to taste the best of the best from craft breweries around the country.

“Craft Beer success has reached epidemic proportions.” – Dan Wandel, SVP Information Resources Inc.

The numbers are quite staggering and The Great American Beer Club saw a 30% increase in Beer of the month club memberships in the first half of 2010.

With the booming numbers and tangible shift in market share, there is no better time to taste what America’s independent brewers have to offer and The Great American Beer Club is leading the charge. Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for another, a Beer of the month club subscription is a surefire way to see for yourself why craft brews are without a doubt 2010’s darling drink.

The Great American Beer of the Month Club is one of America’s longest-running monthly beer clubs. Since 1994 they’ve made it their business to share the finest, freshest brews in the land with tens of thousands of people—folks who can appreciate the best that America’s small breweries have to offer.

A distinguished panel of microbrewery industry experts sifts through more than 1,500 U.S. craft breweries to supply beer lovers everywhere with America’s finest microbrews—drinks that are generally only available in the local market where brewed. Craft beer club members get these amazing brews delivered by mail, direct to their door each month.

Deliveries include the rarest, most flavorful microbrewed beers—a crisp, cold Honey Lager from rural Wisconsin, a full-bodied Wheat Ale from Colorado’s high plains, or a rich, extra-dark Porter from down east Maine…every month it’s an all-out celebration of America’s best!

A subscription includes 4 different hard-to-find domestic varieties every month—a full 12-pack of rare craft beers (3 bottles each) from all over the United States, all freshly brewed in small batches for our members. Each shipment also comes with the latest edition of Beer Expeditions™, a monthly club newsletter that explores the fascinating world of handcrafted beer.

Of course you must be over 21 to join the microbrew beer of the month club, but there is no minimum subscription. Join for a month or for a full year—it’s the most flexible beer club available. Get all the details from the Great American Beer Club online.

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  1. Lauren Baily says:

    The perfect gift for my boyfriend. He is a big micro-brewery fan (he worked for one for a couple years) and we have found some delicious beers out there that we have recommened to friends and family. I had no idea that this club had been around for so long but consider me and my boyfriends members.

  2. I’m not a beer drinker, but this does look like a cool one 🙂

  3. Michael Odza says:

    It’s a great idea, and naturally, this isn’t the only such club. I’ll just note that Rachael Ray suggested Craft Beer Club (the one I represent) for Valentine’s Day this year. Of course it’s not just for guys, but there sure are a lot of fathers out there who would appreciate this as a Xmas or birthday present too.

  4. Go for Gift Clubs says:

    Thanks for the info, Michael, I added the Craft Beer Club to our list of the top beer of the month clubs:

  5. First batch came today and it was all new beers to me which I like. The one drawback is there were two breweries, each with two different styles of beer in the mix. I assumed it would be batches from four different breweries. In my experience, if you are not a fan of one kind of brew from a place, you may not like the brewery’s other offerings. All in all though, the beer came in perfect condition and gives me something new to try.

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