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Watching birds outdoors and owning birds is a very satisfying and relaxing way to enjoy nature. Savvy bird lovers know that entertaining birds while keeping them healthy is an ongoing activity. The following Gift of the Month Clubs for Birds and Bird Lovers offer everything available for bird enthusiasts of all stripes.

For the backyard bird lover, the Birdhouse Club provides exquisite bird houses for your feathered friends in the wild. Indoor bird owners will appreciate the Smart Bird Toy Toys Club and the Pinata of the Month Club where you will receive a large selection of toys for your bird’s health and enjoyment.

Here are the most popular Gift of the Month Clubs for Birds and Bird Lovers:

Pinatas For Your Parrot

Your bird will love the colorful Polly Wanna Piñatas offered by Pinata of the Month Club. These chewy toys provide hours of enjoyment for your bird including a surprise healthy treat inside of raisins, banana chips, papayas and pineapple. Polly Wanna Piñatas are a big hit with birds and come in two sizes, 4 inches for small birds and 8 inches for larger birds. The Pinata of the Month Club offers several options ranging from 3, 6 or 12 months. A special holiday piñatas package delivers for six holidays through the year including Santa piñatas for Christmas and Halloween piñatas. (more information)

Toy of the Month Club for Birds

The Bird Toy of the Month Club was designed for the bird owner who knows that their birds need variety in toys and that not all birds like the same type of toys. The Bird Toy of the Month Club offers toys in three sizes: small, medium and large, and will ship your bird a new toy each month based on the type of toy birds of your type generally enjoy. (more information)

Smart Bird Monthly Toy Club

The Smart Bird Toys Toy Club has a wide range of toys available for birds of all sizes. Toys come in small, medium and large sizes. Toys include cute animal piñatas such as penguins, ducks and monkeys. Other toys include leather and beaded toys, sisal toys, cardboard toys and lots of toys suitable for birds that enjoy preening and shredding. The Smart Bird Toys Toy Club will ship an appropriate sized new toy or cage item to you each month with your membership. (more information)

Flightsuit of the Month

The FlightSuit of the Month Club offers special packages to receive the revolutionary bird diapers which will make it easier to have your bird out of the cage without accidents. The FlightSuit of the Month Club offer special gifts for membership including a free hangar for the flightsuit sent immediately, and thank you gifts sent every three months that include bird toys and leashes. With membership, your bird will receive a new flightsuit each month in a variety of colorful prints designed for the season. The flightsuits come in a range of sizes suitable for all birds. (more information)

Birdhouse of the Month Gift

Bird enthusiasts will enjoy the collection of elaborately decorated bird houses offered by The Bird House Club. These beautifully crafted birdhouses are suitable for indoors and outdoors and will bring hours of enjoyment for bird watchers and birds alike. Bird houses come in a range of sizes from as small as 7 ½ inches to as tall as 29 inches. Some of the styles include the Beach Bungalow, the Bird Café and Noah’s Ark. Membership in The Bird House Club include free gifts including a hummingbird wind chime and butterfly gazebo birdfeeder with your first shipment. (more information)

Plush Bird of the Month Club

The Plush of the Month Club offers a beautiful selection of stuffed bird toys that are very lifelike and offer accurate bird sounds from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Bird enthusiasts can choose from the Backyard Bird collection which includes birds such as the robin, cardinal and woodpecker, or from the Water and Wetland Birds collection for birds such as the swan, kingfisher and puffins. Membership subscriptions are available for three, six or twelve months where a new bird will be sent each month. (more information)

Gift of the Month Clubs for Birds and Bird Lovers are a convenient way to show your love and appreciation for your bird friends and also make great gift ideas for the bird lover in your family.

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