Kids Love Mail! Gift of the Month Clubs for Children


Children love to get mail — especially when it addressed just to them. Gifts brought by the postman deliver a special sort of excitement because kids know it’s extra important when a package arrives with their own name on the front. Imagine how important your child will feel when those gifts start arriving every month!

Make the excitement last all year with a gift of the month club for kids. When it comes to gift clubs for children, cheese and flowers simply won’t do. Kids gifts are a horse of a different color (usually rainbow!) and you want to find something that they will cherish—and, not grow out of before the gift club membership expires.

Luckily, there are many gift clubs designed for children. 

Monthly Gift Clubs for Children

Older kids will enjoy hands-on presents like craft of the month or project of the month. Younger children will delight in toys such as rubber duck, teddy bear or plush of the month club. And, of course, kids of all ages will look forward to the mail when they know that their very own book of the month will be arriving soon.

Here are a few of the best gift of the month clubs for kids…

Children’s Book of the Month Clubs

Whether it’s exotic tales of faraway lands or simple stories from closer to home, books give the most magical gift of all — imagination. The Lollipop Book Club for kids sweetens the reading experience by sending a fun package each month that includes a book, a lollipop and note from the gifter. This unique gift club can be personalized by age and theme. You can also choose to sweeten the gift a little more by adding larger lollipops or extra candy to the monthly package. (more information)

Personalized Monthly Gift Clubs

From the moment that kids learn to recognize their own name, they want it written on everything! That’s what makes a personalized gift of the month club so fun. Personalized books are probably the most popular gift clubs, but you can also find monthly deliveries with personalized stories on CD, songs that include your child’s name, and personalized sticker clubs. For personalized gifts for younger children consider the Veggie Book Club. (more information)

Hair Clip of the Month Club for Little Girls

Every month Funny Girl Designs creates a new, handmade hair clip. Although anyone can buy the clips, members of the club receive theirs first — before it’s even available online. Hair clips come in two sizes: baby snaps or alligator clips for baby girls and toddlers. The adorable accessories come wrapped in a pink organza bag, so each gift-by-mail is as fun to open as the first. Also, as an added feature the lucky lady receiving this subscription will receive a free hair clip on her birthday, too! Every little girl will love checking the mail when she knows that her Hair Clip of the Month package is on its way. (more information)

Better Bathtime with Rubber Duck a Month

Here is a cute and playful way to say happy birthday! Children cannot resist rubber ducks, and they are perfect for making bath time a thrill. Recipients of a rubber duck of the month club will discover that these bath-time toys come in all sizes and colors. Rubber duck club memberships typically include the most popular sellers, but have also offered exclusive specials available only to club members. Expect ducks that resemble popular animals, characters as well as themed-ducks decked out like sports teams or dressed up for the holidays. (more information)

Monthly Toy Clubs for Kids

Whether it’s a cuddly plush penguin or a rotund Teddy bear with his hand in the honey pot, stuffed toys quickly become a child’s new best friend. Children will get a new friend every month when you send a toy of the month club. The Plush of the Month Club for Babies chooses soft fabrics, vibrant colors and of course adorable animals designed especially for infants. Older children might like a bear of the month club instead.

Project of the Month Clubs

This children’s gift of the month club comes packaged with creativity and DIY fun. Project of the month clubs offer exciting ideas such as woodworking, science projects, or arts and crafts that can be as fun for adults as it is for kids. Plus, all the tools you need to finish the job are included, so there won’t be any last-minute trips to craft store. A project of the month club proves that learning can be full of mirth, and a fun way to ensure quality time with your child every month. Want a gift club without the commitment? Science Kit Monthly will send you an email with the new project each month, only buy the ones that your child finds interesting. (more information)

Craft of the Month Clubs

A craft of the month club looks much like the monthly project club – with more glitter. Choose a gift club that sends a variety of different crafts and it will keep those little hands busy creating works of art. Clear some extra room on the fridge, because a monthly craft club will require lots of space to showcase new projects and the many photos of your child’s smiling face. Krafty Kids has age-appropriate kits for children up to age 10. (more information)

Disney Movie of the Month

Introduce your child to classics like Snow White and Mary Poppins while sharing their favorite movies like Tinker Bell, Bolt or Toy Story 2. Just like the music clubs that we’ve all grown up with, the Disney club features a special selection every four weeks, up to 13 movies per year. Perfect for movie night with the family, the Disney Movie Club is a gift that you and your child will look forward to every month. (more information)

Sticker of the Month

Speaking of sticker clubs, do you remember your first sticker book? Most little girls have at least one. Boys can also get in on the action and have been known to cover a surface or two with rainbow happy faces and trucks. Visit I Love Stickers to find clubs especially for boys, girls, teens and even adults. (more information)

What do you think? What is the best of the month club for kids? Have you ever given a child one of these gifts?

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  1. Hi all! I have a handmade “Skirt of the Month Club” for little girls sizes 6 months to 8 years through my Etsy shop. Each month your little girl receives a surpise skirt in the mail, along with a newsletter with games, jokes, coloring page, and recipes, and sometimes a little extra surprise as well! The skirts are seasonal and sometimes have holiday themes, too, which I can customize to your religious preference!

  2. I run a really fun book of the month club for kids called The Lollipop Book Club. Each package arrives in a bright envelope and includes a book of your choice and an adorable handcrafted lollipop. We also print personalized gift notes on stickers for inside each book. You can include a new message every month which makes this an extra special gift!

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  5. I offer a monthly Science experiment subscription. Each month your child gets a new science experiment along with lots of information about the Wow! behind the Science, more experiments to try using household materials and career information related to the concept being taught that month. Prices start at just $12.00! Check us out at

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