Soy Candle of the Month Club is an Eco-Friendly Alternative


soy candle of the month club

If you love candles, but not the black soot or toxins released by paraffin wax, then¬† check out the Soy Candle of the Month Clubs from Zionsville Candle Company. They offer a candle club that is not only “greener” and healthier, but their candles also burn longer so you can enjoy them even more.

Zionsville Candle of the Month Clubs includes only natural, soy candles that burn cleaner than their paraffin cousins so they are safer — even for families with allergies or asthma — and don’t contribute to indoor pollution.

Soy is biodegradeable and burns completely, so after the candle is gone you can easily recycle or reuse the container. The eco-friendly company offers three different candle of the month clubs to choose from: 

  • 26-oz Apothecary Soy Candles are large enough to spread scent throughout the room and big enough to last the whole month even for those who like to burn their candles more than average. And, for just one-cent more you can upgrade your order to receive TWO 26-oz Apothecary Candles. Now, that’s a bright idea!
  • 16-oz Tin Candle of the Month is a “just right” size for most candle lovers. This special value candle club offers an unexpected surprise — two candles for the price of one! Each month members receive one 16-oz candle and a second 8-oz travel candle.
  • 4-oz Roly Poly Candle Club is just about the cutest candle of the month club available anywhere. The Roly Poly is a stout, round votive candle that pack a surprising wallop of fragrance. As an added bonus, Soy Roly Poly members will also receive a 1.8-oz Fragrance Tart that can be heated with an electric warmer for sweet scents sans flame,

Zionsville’s Soy Candles come in fabulous fragrances like Strawberry Champagne, Fresh Cucumber Melon, Kathleen’s Spiced Apple, Candy Cane Lane and more. Every candle fragrance is fresh and natural — made without artificial stabilizers or scent strengtheners. The company currently mixes has more 60 different scents and rotates them from year to year so even long-term candle club members won’t be stuck with the “same old” flavors.

Whether you’re looking for a eco-friendly candle of the month club, a green gift for a friend, or just love the scent of candles that are clean-burning, you should definitely check out the selection of candle clubs at Zionsville Candle Company. Visit their website for details.

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