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Wine and other alcoholic beverages are often the gift of choice for hostess gifts, holidays, thank-you presents and other special occasions. Upgrade these libations to an “of the month club,” where a bottle or two arrives each month, and you and your gift are sure to be remembered year round.

Beverages that make wonderful gift clubs include wine of the month, beer of the month, scotch of the month, and cocktail of the month. Before investing in the first beverage of the month club that pops up on an Internet search, take some time to review the unique features that set each monthly gift club apart from the rest.

Wine of the Month Club

How well do you know the person for whom you are purchasing this gift? You may think your uncle prefers the taste of red wine over white, but maybe he likes red on holidays and white wine the rest of the year. Knowing which type of wine the recipient likes may make your search a lot easier. There are seasonal wines, international wines, West Coast wines and many more. Some companies, such as Coastal Vineyards, offer more than 30 different wine clubs! Choose a singular vintage of vino, or mix it up with a collection of high-end bottles from different estates. If you would rather trust the experts, check out the Zagat Wine of the Month Club which delivers quarterly and comes with tasting notes and an introductory set of professional wine glasses.

Beer of the Month Club

With beer, you’ll want to find a club that creates diversity and tempts the pallet. There are some clubs that offer an assortment of micro-brewed beer with many unique flavors. Others offer unique collections of foreign beers or monastic brews rarely seen by the average beer drinker. Exotic is good with beer clubs, as long as the recipient enjoys a wide range of taste. Quantity will be a factor as well. Some beer of the month clubs deliver up to twelve beers per month, while others range anywhere from one to six. The Clubs of America Beer Club delivers 12 microbrews in 4 different varieties, or if the recipient is more of a do-it-yourselfer check out the brew your own beer kit of the month club. See our list of more beer of the month clubs here.

Scotch of the Month Club

Scotch is really one of the ultimate “man drinks” and the end of your search for the man who has everything. Alcohol clubs are always among the more expensive options for beverage of the month clubs, but be prepared to spend even more for a scotch of the month club. You can easily spend as much as $4300 for a club delivering single-malt scotch aged 25-30 years. A more affordable option is this Scotch of the Month Club that delivers single-malted spirits aged 10-15 years, including drinks like Duncan Taylor Imperiale 13-year-old 92 proof, Glenmorangie LaSanta, Glenfarclas and more. Priced at around $86 per month, you can sign up for short-term memberships in 3-month increments rather than committing to an entire year. (more information)

Vodka of the Month Club

Scotch is great for those that like to drink their spirits “straight” or “on the rocks,” but around my house we like to make vodka cocktails. So, if you’re sending me a gift you better make it the vodka of the month club! Clubs Galore has a monthly vodka club that delivers 750ml of the purest and best tasting vodkas from around the globe. Each bottle of premium alcohol includes an information card so you’ll not only have the chance to sample fine vodkas such as Charbay, ZYR, 42 Below, Turi, or Precis, but you’ll also have interesting trivia to pull out at dinner parties. (more information)

Bourbon of the Month Club

Bourbon, also known as American Whisky, is a “younger” alcohol than drinks like scotch or vodka. Whisky distillation came to the United States with the Scots and Irish immigrants who settled in the area that later became Kentucky. However, the drink we know as Bourbon, didn’t evolve until the 19th century. A Bourbon of the Month Club offers connoisseurs a chance to taste American history in bottles of premium small-batch bourbons. This monthly bourbon club offers distinctive tastes and aromas sure to tempt even the most discriminating palates including Woodford Reserve Small Batch Bourbon, Knob Creek Bourbon, Bulleit Bourbon and many more. In fact, some of the hand-crafted bourbons that they send have won the most prestigious tastings in the world. (more information)

Cocktail of the Month Club

Cocktail of the month clubs are unique in that the recipient may have to provide a portion of their own gift! Many monthly cocktail clubs will send a garnish with a mixer and a recipe — without the alcohol. Others offer the whole nine yards: alcohol (or two), garnish, mixer, a recipe and even special glasses. The party-spirit inherent in a cocktail of the month club makes it the perfect gift for “the girls.” Send a membership to your best friend and vow to share a year’s worth of Girl’s Night Out. When choosing a cocktail of the month club, make sure that the person receiving it likes the alcohol offered. You wouldn’t want your favorite martini drinker to end up with a collection of rum drinks! A great club to try out is this Cocktail Club from Stirrings. Or, for a one-time gift send the Ultimate Cocktail Party Basket with everything you need to make more than five different kinds of cocktails and a gourmet selection of hors d’oeuvres to accompany the drinks.

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  2. Good list, these monthly food and drink clubs are really doing well these days. One I’d add to the list is Mackinley Manor. They’re doing whisky, rum, scotch and bourbon. I think they might also do food as well.

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