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Do you have a coffee lover on your gift list? Coffee of the month clubs offer a chance to try out new and exotic coffee flavors and make a memorable present. There are a variety of coffee of the month clubs that can be infinitely customized to fit the palate of your recipient.

Choosing a coffee of the month club has many benefits. On the one hand, since coffees are shipped from all over the world it’s a gift with international flair that serves up a taste of many cultures. There are at least three different types of coffee club memberships to choose from.

Gourmet Coffee of the Month Club

Gourmet coffee of the month clubs are the original and most familiar monthly java membership. Gourmet coffees often include blends that are only available seasonally such as spiced blends in the fall or coffees that taste better iced in the summer. These seasonal coffees may be interspersed with specially-selected beans that are available year round. Some coffee clubs also include tea or gourmet treats that complement the flavor profile of the beans.

Clubs Galore Monthly Coffee Club

Are you ready to experience single origin coffees and rich blends from around the globe. From Columbian Supreme to Brazil Santos, Clubs Galore Monthly Coffee Club features a variety of boutique-style beans from smooth and gentle to full-bodied and powerful. Coffee-lovers will look forward to tasting exotic flavors grown in superior regions such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Indonesia and Hawaii, and are all crafted by skillful roasters. In addition to two 12-oz bags of specialty coffee, members will receive the Coffee Club Newsletter with interesting facts and trivia about each month’s selection. (more information)

Boca Java Coffee of the Month Club

Give the gift of coffee from exotic locations worldwide…a different country every month. You’ll receive an international array of coffees including Jamaican Blue Mountain, Pure Organic Peruvian, Guatemalan Adventure, Bom Dia Brazil and others. Every bag of Boca Java coffee is micro-roasted to order and stamped with its “roasted on” date—you won’t find a fresher cup of specialty coffee made from handpicked, specialty-grade Arabica beans. Choose from their traditionally roasted coffees or flavored varieties as well as your choice of ground or whole beans. If you’re buying for a friend and don’t know their coffee preferences, you can also buy an e-certificate. (more information)

America’s Coffee Club

How better to start you day than with the richly flavored, eye-opening coffee blends hand-selected from exotic locales around the globe. The experts from Clubs of America search the far corners of the globe for the finest, freshest coffee on earth. You won’t find these coffee club selections on a supermarket shelf, or even in a gourmet coffee boutique. This monthly coffee club specializes in acquiring rare, locally-grown coffee beans from little-known places, where the micro-climate and conditions combine to produce bean harvests of extraordinary quality and character. Club members also receive Coffee Expeditions™, the monthly club newsletter, filled with interesting facts about the world of fine coffee. Members can learn about the month’s selections, review brewing tips, and receive exclusive discounts. (more information)

Gourmet Station Coffee of the Month

The folks at Gourmet Station are “committed to going the extra mile” to ensure that only unequaled, premium quality coffees are featured among their “Coffees Of The Month.” Each month, members will receive two packages of specialty, boutique-style coffees hand-picked by a distinguished panel of renowned taste testing aficionados. According to their website, only the best of the best earn the right to join the Gourmet Food Clubs Coffee Club family. You can look forward to beans from small production, specialty coffee producers and delicious blends from all over the globe such as Columbian Supreme, Café Costa Rica, King of Kenya, Ethiopian Virga-Cheffe, Yemen Mocha Mattari, and the ever popular Kup-o-Kona. (more information)

Fair Trade Coffee of the Month Clubs

Send a bag of fair trade, traditional, deeply roasted, gourmet coffee every month. Coffee gifts often feature a variety of blended coffees and single origin coffees, along with a card which gives information about the coffee’s origin. A fair trade coffee of the month membership includes only coffees which have been produced by countries and companies who fairly compensate their workers for their coffee product. Sample coffees may include rich brews such as Ramelau from East Timor, Los Yungas from Bolivia, or Forestal from Guatemala.

Flavorbean Fair Trade Coffee Clubs

In addition to being Fair Trade Certified, Flavorbean is changing the way flavored coffees are made by naturally infusing flavor ingredients directly into high-grade 100% Arabica coffee beans. It may sound like a commonsense way to make coffee, but actually, through this revolutionary process, Flavorbean is producing the world’s first chemical solvent-free flavored coffee! Fair Trade coffee that is better for you and better for the environment with a depth and smoothness that is incomparable to other chemical-laden brands. If the taste of Almond Love, Mint Chocolate or Cinnamon Hazelnut Creme don’t entice you, they also offer traditional roasts, organic and Swiss Water decaf coffees. (more information)

Decaf Coffee of the Month Club

Both conventional and fair trade coffee of the month clubs can also be found in a decaffeinated version. A decaffeinated coffee of the month club is a perfect membership gift idea for coffee lovers who are sensitive to or intolerant of caffeine but still love the full-bodied flavor of a dark cup of java. Many of the companies above have a decaf option when buying a coffee of the month subscription including: Flavorbean and Boca Java.

For coffee lovers, there could hardly be a better, more appropriate, and more satisfying gift to receive than a coffee of the month club membership. The best way to a person’s heart is through his or her taste buds, and good, fresh coffee will certainly appeal to these. Every month, the individual will enjoy the gift givers’ largess and be appreciative and mindful of the gift.

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