Back-to-School Care Packages: Monthly Gift Clubs for College Students


gift clubs for college students

It’s that time of year again. The air is crisp and the kids are getting read to go back to school – the college kids that is.  Give your student a proper send-off with a subscription to a gift of the month club. We’ve rounded up several gift clubs for college students so you can send a care package that will be the talk of the quad.

While there is so much to look forward to, heading off to college can also be difficult for college students: being away from family, missing the comforts of home, and learning to survive on their own. Ease their homesickness with a monthly gift club that reminds your college student that you love them every month of the school year.

Here are some of our favorites…

Gift Clubs for College Students

Gift of the month clubs that are good for college students include memberships for deliveries of potato chips or other snack foods, candy, pizzza, or even complete dinners to make sure your college student is eating a balanced meal – at least once a month.

Pizza of the Month Club

Which student doesn’t like pizza? A pizza of the month club is a great gift to give to the student who eats like a horse or the social butterfly who likes to entertain friends. Some pizza clubs will even send multiple pizzas each month so students can have dinner, a midnight snack and breakfast the next day! Monthly pizza clubs deliver many varieties: thin crust or deep dish, with gourmet toppings or healthy options, extra meat or veggies only. Surprise your student with creative topping combinations and heir tummies will be rumbling in anticipation for the next month’s delivery. (More information)

Snack of the Month Club

Whether studying hard or lounging around with friends in the dorm, snack of the month clubs will make sure that college life includes plenty of variety with flavor and crunch. And, if your college student has a big appetite don’t worry. Orders can vary in size for feeding a solo all-nighter or mid-afternoon study group.  (More information)

Dinner of the Month

You can never tell what your son or daughter is eating when they’re away for the school year. Sending a dinner of the month club membership may encourage them to eat a good meal – at least a few times a year. Parents can choose from a meal delivery plan – with everything from gourmet to comfort foods — or opt to gift a monthly restaurant certificate from a company like that can be used at many local eateries. Whether it is date night or just a night out with friends, a dinner of the month gift card will be appreciated by hungry college kids. (More information)

Candy of the Month Club

Who can resist the temptation of something sweet? Show the dedicated student in your life that you care with a variety of sugared delights delivered by candy of the month clubs. Jelly Belly’s are a sure-fire hit with creative mixologists who like to mix and match new flavors, while a box of assorted chocolates can be a source of comfort that is easily shared. (More information)

These gift of the month clubs for college students use food to tell your child that you’re thinking of them even when they’re away from home. Who knows, with a monthly reminder you may just hear the phone ringing a bit more often!

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  1. I’m a college student and those clubs would help me forget stress for a while! 😉

  2. Wow a Pizza of the Month Club! I am totally in I would love to get a gourmet pizza each month. Throw in maybe the beer of the month club and you have a gift that no one could turn down. 🙂

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