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Are you looking for a gift for a special home decorator this year? Or maybe you need a heart-warming gift that will truly show your care for someone’s comfort? Candle of the month clubs are a great way to gift your loved ones with a cozy and endearing gift that will add a special touch to their homes. Though many people love to receive new candles, they are often reluctant to burn them because they don’t want to use them up. However, by giving someone a candle of the month club, they can look forward to receiving a new candle each month—meaning that there is no reason not to enjoy the candles in the meantime.

Candle of the Month Clubs

Candle of the month clubs often come with different variations on scents or sizes of the candles, as well as candles for different types of decorating. You can choose candles that are suitable for daily use as well as candles that go great with vases or other candleholders. With this selection of candle of the month clubs, you’re sure to find a great gift for anyone on your list that loves to create a cozy atmosphere in his or her home.

Clubs Galore Monthly Candle Club

Packaged in a decorative boxe with matching ribbon, the Clubs Galore Candle of the Month Club makes an excellent gift! Each month their candles selections will inspire and delight members with scents and colors designed to compliment the season or capture a special mood. Each month, the candle club delivers two glass-enclosed candles and/or pillar candles or one of the club’s specialty gift sets. If you want to experience the soft scents of fruit and flowers, sentimental aromas of herbs and spices and the clean fresh fragrances of nature, then check out this candle of the month club. (more information)

Soy Candle of the Month Club

If you love candles, but not the black soot or toxins released by paraffin wax, then you should check out the Soy Candle of the Month Clubs from Zionsville Candle Company. Healthier and long-lasting, soy candles are natural alternative to paraffin wax that’s eco-friendly. Zionsville offers three candle clubs with fragrances such as Strawberry Champagne, Fresh Cucumber Melon, Kathleen’s Spiced Apple, Candy Cane Lane and more. Zionsville also has special BOGO offers for candle club members, so check out their website for all the details. (more information)

Amazing Candle Club

The Amazing Candle of the Month Club is a gift to delight all the senses! Join the Candle of the Month Club and each month to enjoy a year of slow burning, aromatic candles specially selected from premium candle makers around the world. Each monthly candle selection is chosen for its beauty, seasonality, and ability to create the ultimate aromatic experience and comes with an informative club newsletter with fun candle facts and trivia. If you are shopping for candle gifts, the monthly candle club makes it easy—just choose a monthly or seasonal subscription and let the experts handle the rest. Candles will either arrive every month or seasonally with new selections each spring, summer, fall and winter. (more information)

More Scented Gift Ideas

If you’re more about the scent and less about the flame, there are still some interesting monthly clubs that are guaranteed to make your life smell a little sweeter. Whether you want a scent to beautify your body or soothe your soul, check out these great scented “of the month” clubs.

Aromatherapy of the Month Club

Aromatherapy is all about wellness. A holistic therapy that promotes harmony in body, mind and spirit. Pamper yourself or someone you love with an exclusive membership in the Aromatherapy Monthly Club. Each month’s delivery includes three or more aromatherapy items. One will be an essential oil or synergistic blend, the others will be aromatherapeutic spa formulas designed to restore balance and beautify the skin. Aromatherapy products may include candles , incense, soaps and more. The Scent Club offers unique, high quality, natural products that allow members to experience true Aromatherpy. Each month’s aromatherapy shipment comes complete with instructions, suggested uses, and recipes. (more information)

Mini Perfume of the Month Club

The Mini of the Month Club from Perfume Emporium is an ingenious way to sample a variety of designer fragrances. The scent experts will surprise you each month with a different mini fragrance delivered from such well know designers as Calvin Klein, Versace, and Dolce & Gabanna. The Mini of the Month Club also makes a lovely gift and is available for both men and women. At around $8 a month, this is a surprisingly affordable way to say, “You smell good.” (more information)

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  1. I love this idea for gifting. My Dad really enjoys cheese so I found a great cheese club ( and it was the perfect gift for him! I also gave a luxury candle of the month club ( as a gift to my Mom and she absolutely loved her candles each month! I love this idea for gifting, great post!

  2. Go for Gift Clubs says:

    Thanks, Siena! I was not familiar with Rain Collection’s candle club. They look lovely and I’ll definitely look into adding them to our list.

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