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Everyone seems to be looking for a good gift idea for a man. Whether it’s Father’s Day, your boyfriends birthday or that nice guy from the office, chances are he’s hard to shop for. It’s just part of being a man. Luckily, there’s another commonality that most men share—it’s our secret tip for always buying the perfect gift—an appreciation for beer and spirits.

If your man has an unquenchable thirst for a nice cold beer, then consider a beer of the month club.

Most men have a taste for great and unusual beers, and appreciate the opportunity to sample new and different ones besides their usual favorites. From Microbrews to Belgium Ales, beer of the month clubs offer choices sure to tempt the palate of any man. The real question is, how do you decide which beer of the month club to buy?

Monthly Beer Clubs For Every Taste

Choosing the right beer of the month club involves several important decisions, the most important of which is deciding on a type of beer. If you’ve ever been bewildered by the selections at your local market or spent some time perusing the taps at The Yard House, then you know how difficult it can be to narrow down the perfect brew. There are four main types of beer of the month clubs, each with their own specialty. Order one of each and you’re guaranteed to always have a cold one in the fridge.

Microbrew of the Month

The Microbrew Beer of the Month Club from Clubs of America delivers 12 specially-selected, limited-edition beers from four small breweries. This is the beer club for men that like American beer created by master brewmeisters. Try a crisp, cold Honey Lager from rural Wisconsin, a full-bodied Wheat Ale from Colorado’s high plains, or a rich, extra-dark Porter from down east Maine. Each month, the microbrews are chosen by industry experts, so even if you don’t know the difference between a craft beer and a box of Kraft, you can trust that they’ve made the right choice. (more information)

Craft Beer Club

True beer lovers recognize that creating a flavorful, high-quality beer is very different from the process used to brew mass-produced versions. The Craft Beer Club specializes in discovering the highly-skilled craft brewmasters and selecting the best that they have on tap. They do the research, so you don’t have to. (Not that we should feel sorry for them! They get to taste hundreds of beers each year.) With more than 1,600 breweries and pubs claiming the craft moniker, America is truly at the center of the microbrewing revolution. The Craft Beer Club is your chance to taste this time-honored tradition for yourself. (more information)

International Beer of the Month Club

For the kind of man who know what he likes, a regional beer of the month might be the best bet. Regional clubs come in two varieties: International Beer Club or Domestic. Sophisticated beer-lovers will approve of either membership, which delivers beers from a highly-selective group of international or domestic breweries. For drinkers that enjoy a wide variety of tastes and styles, a regional beer club is the best way to taste flavors from every category of beer — pale ale to lager and everything in between. Clubs Galore offers a popular International Beer of the Month Club. In addition to their Beer newsletter, subscribers will sample rare and unique Lagers from Greece, Classics from Russia, Malts from Denmark, Ales from Japan and many more! (more information)

Rare Beer Club

Selected from the personal favorites of Michael Jackson, the most expensive option is undoubtedly the Rare Beer of the Month club. This monthly club delivers unusual, rare, artisan beers from little known breweries with a proven track record of creating excellent beer. Beers are usually chosen from both American and foreign breweries serving up fines tastes such as Barley Wines, Russian Imperial Stouts, Farmhouse Ales, Belgian Abbey ales, and oak aged ales with vanilla and bourbon accents, among others. Some of these beers may not even be available for purchase by the general public. With a monthly membership to a rare beer club, connoisseurs will have a head start on their beer collection. (more information)

Brew Your Own Beer Kit of the Month

If you or your gift recipient is more of a do-it-yourselfer check out the brew your own beer kit of the month club. Brew Club members receive their favorite brewing supplies automatically, plus 5 free gifts with second club order. (more information)

Men will love just about any of these beer of the month club memberships. Rather than give your man another tired pair of socks, set of boxers, or neck tie, give him something that he will enjoy and remember. Not only will he say thanks one time, but he will have occasion to remember the gift every single month.

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and good beer is certain to take you right into the heart of any beer-loving man.

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  1. I would recommend these clubs to my friends. I know they would enjoy them.

  2. Pierce Anderson says:

    I am totally into this International beer of the month club I would love to drink beer from Sweden, India or Russia. This would be a great gift for anyone who is serious about beer and trying out something new.

  3. Yeah I think the international beer of the month club is pretty great. There’s also a rare beer club which is a big hit for anyone looking to try some of the best beers out there.

  4. Go for Gift Clubs says:

    @ Beer Clubs: Last year, my BF and I subscribed to the Microbrew Beer Club. We’re going to change it up with a new club this year. The rare beer club is awfully tempting … Have you tried it?

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