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There are many reasons to consider brewing your own beer. First of all, being a home brewmeister is pretty darn easy. Second, it’s also cheap entertainment. However, the real reason to learn how to brew at home is that after a batch or two, you will probably find that your homemade beer is far superior to the anything you pick up in the store. Oh yeah, you’ll be a god to all of your beer-drinking buddies, too.

The key thing to remember once you take on your new hobby is that practice makes perfect. Making good beer is about more than just knowing how to drink it. You’ll want to experiment, try new recipes and tweak the output to fit your own unique palette. All of this means of course, that you’ll need a lot of supplies.

Around here, we think the best way to make sure you never run low on your beer making supplies is to sign up for a Beer Kit of the Month Club and, luckily, we know of just such a club.

Mr.Beer has Beer Kits to affordably brew just about any style of beer you can imagine. Each brewing system makes about two gallons of beer and is completely reusable. Beginning brew masters will be happy to know that these kits include everything needed to brew that first batch of beer.

Sign up for the Homebrew Beer Kit Club and you’ll also receive the Brewtensils Kit — five of the most popular brewing utensils to make home-brewing even easier:

  • 1 Funnel w/Strainer
  • 1 Brew-o-meter (stick-on thermometer)
  • 1 Adjustable Measuring Spoon
  • 1 Hop Scale
  • 1 Priming Sugar Measure

The Mr. Beer Homebrew Club is an automatic-shipment program which will ship your favorite beer-making supplies on a schedule of your choosing. Not only will you never have to remember to order your hops again, but you’ll also receive a frequent-customer discount and special rates on shipping.

Check out the Homebrew Club or search for a beer-making kit online.

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