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bacon of the month clubs

If you’re reading this blog, then you can guess how we feel about “of the month clubs.” (Hint: They are the ideal gift for nearly anyone.) But, do you know how we feel about bacon?

A wise man once said: Bacon is meat candy. Well, we couldn’t agree more! That’s why everything is better with a bacon of the month club. A bacon-by-mail subscription is really one of the most unique types of monthly delivery clubs. For yourself or for a friend, it’s no stretch to say that artisan bacon is a gift of meat that can’t be beat. (Sorry, we just couldn’t resist the rhyme.)

A bacon of the month club delivers a new package of quality, artisanal bacon each month with memberships that can last as little as six months or as long as two years. Unlike the supermarket variety, gourmet bacon clubs produce choice breakfast meat that is not only fresh, but made using traditional processes. Artisan bacon, like those packaged for monthly clubs, is cured and packed in a method that eliminates excess liquid which means no shrinkage when the meat is cooked. Every slice will be thick and juicy from delivery till dinner.

Bacon of the month memberships offer a variety of options. Some selections may consist of thick-cut bacon, cured and manufactured using current methods. Other deliveries may showcase old-style, spicier bacon prepared using classic techniques. Quit often, the bacon will arrive with notes about each month’s selection including flavor profiles, pairing suggestions, useful recipes and cooking tips.

Bacon has a large fan base. Many people feel that the aroma and sound of fresh, sizzling bacon is nostalgic and brings back memories of family time. A monthly bacon club is perfect for families that enjoy the tradition of Sunday breakfasts. A memberships does not need to be limited as a gift. A bacon of the month club membership is ideal for anyone who has a fondness for the smoky meat. Listed below are a few companies that offer bacon gift clubs.

The Bacon is Meat Candy Bacon club

The Bacon Freak Bacon of the Month Club is pure bacony heaven prepared the old-fashioned way to bring you the most flavorful and robust piece of bacon your taste buds have had the pleasure of tasting. They hand rub each piece of bacon with flavors such as cajun, apple cinnamon, Jalapeno, Honey BBQ, Maple, brown sugar, vanilla bourbon, sun dried tomato and course pepper to ensure that you get a burst of flavor in each and every bite. Each month comes with two different packages of “Blue Ribbon” gourmet bacon. Bacon Freak has several types of bacon clubs, so be sure to check out the site. (more information)

Swine & Wine

Some might ask, what could be better that artisanal, gourmet bacon? Others long for the smooth swirl of a vintage bottle of vino. Here at best of the month clubs, we want it all! The monthly Swine and Wine Club pairs artisan bacon with just the right wines by having expert chefs match the unique flavor profiles of the bacon with the unique characteristics of a particular wine. The end result is two of everyone’s favorite things in the same meal. What foodie wouldn’t love that? (read about the swine and wine club or buy it now)

Nitrate-free Bac’n of the Month Club

You love bacon and want to broaden your horizons, then the Bac’n of the Month Club is a good place to do that. delivers at least 2 lbs of amazing artisan bacon once a month for either three or six months. The membership even includes a great bacon apron to wear in the kitchen while you’re cooking up your yummy slab of gourmet bacon. (more information)

Heirloom Bacon of the Month Club

Heirloom bacon is among the most succulent bacon you can imagine, made from old-fashioned breeds with names like Berkshire, Tamworth, Duroc, Red Wattle and Gloucester Old Spot. The animals are raised by small farms that practice sustainable methods and treat their pigs humanely, and by farmers who are motivated by flavor, not by profit. Your Heirloom Bacon of the Month Club welcome kit will include information about your membership, a coffee mug that expertly holds whatever tasty and warm beverage you wish to consume with your bacon, yummy bacon-related munchies and other goodies guaranteed to put a smile on your bacon-loving face while you wait for your first delivery of heirloom bacon to arrive. (more information)

Bacon Sampler

Want a one-time gift instead of an “of the month” club? The Nueske’s Bacon Sampler Gift Box contains an assortment of their three most popular bacons: thick-sliced, thin-sliced and peppered. You’ll love the flavor of the Peppered Bacon, gently hand-rubbed with fresh, cracked peppercorns before slicing. All are patiently smoked over glowing embers of sweet Wisconsin Applewood, and so lean, they shrink a fraction as much as typical supermarket bacons. (more information)

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  1. Personally, this is one of my favorite monthly clubs. Bacon monthly club would definitely satisfy my bacon craving! 🙂

  2. Now here’s a great one! I LOVE BACON! This is just perfect.

  3. Karen Stafford says:

    BACON! I would have never imagined that their could be bacon of the month club, but low and behold there is. I know that my husband would very interested in this. I mean who wouldn’t want to recieve salted meats in the mail each month. 🙂

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