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Art of the month clubs are an excellent way to get exciting new art pieces to add to a collection. If you are unsure of what to choose or how to get new art pieces, then a handmade art of the month club is a beautiful and affordable option.

These awesome gift clubs are a unique idea that’s sure to appeal to your artistic side. You get a fair value and a high quality product from amazing artists around the world! Most of these gift of the month clubs give you more for your money than you would expect, making it well worth the price you pay for the subscription.

Art of the month clubs are a great choice for yourself or to give as a gift to someone that loves art. Here are some of the best monthly art clubs available on Etsy.

painting of the month clubThe Painting of the Month Club is a one-year gift that allows you to receive one small painting each month for a year by Luke Cavagnac. At $133 this is an excellent price that includes shipping and 12 paintings. In addition you also get an Art For All t-shirt, stickers, membership card, a free subscription to the Yankee Winebib magazine, invitations to events for Invisible Fountain, the ability to reserve special art pieces, entry into raffles held each month, and a free portrait of your pet! This incredible value makes a beautiful gift or buy it for yourself to build up your collection of original paintings.

print of the month clubPrint of the Month Club by CraftyHag is a unique subscription plan that allows you to receive 4 prints for the quarter in a 4×6 size. While this seems small, you can also upgrade to larger sized prints and even up to 12 prints instead of 4! This club includes shipping. You get unique art, and at a great price. These prints are all high quality, and contain absolutely no cheap print jobs in the collection.

aceo art of the month clubThe ACEO Art of the Month Club is a 12 month subscription priced at only $125. These pieces are original metal etching pieces that are unique and handmade. These extraordinary art pieces are certainly worth the price, and you get one each month for an entire year! Not only is that something to look forward to, but you can easily expand your home art collection at a decent price. The artist also understands that you may not like all of the pieces delivered, which is why the subscription is a hefty discount off the original prices of his artwork.

squid of the month clubThe Squid a Month Club is a cute and quirky club that will have the recipient grinning ear to ear. If you love handmade plush characters and squids, this club is a perfect match. For $120 you can get 12 unique and special squids delivered to your door. These squids make excellent gifts individually or a great gift for a special child in your family. Or you can keep these masterpieces all to yourself and enjoy a new and unique squid for 12 months out of the year!

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  1. I’m pretty interested in squid a month club but seems a little expensive for me.

  2. Trey Gillmore says:

    I am serioulsy signing up for the squid month club. I would love to see some of the creative ideas that people could use to depict a squid. It certainly would be a conversation starter for sure.

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