Send a Lingerie of the Month Club That Matches Her Mood

lingerie of the month by mood intimates

Hey, guys. Don’t know what to get your gal? Many women say, you can’t wrong with a lingerie of the month club.

“We get a lot of questions from customers regarding what would make the perfect gift for their significant other,” states Karen Esposito, owner of In the Mood Intimates. “Most of the time, they are unsure of what type of item they should get because they want to make sure that she would want to wear it. We pick our most popular items and send them out each month. No thought is needed on the part of the gift giver, but they get all the praise.”

In the Mood Intimates has three Lingerie of the Month Clubs that remove the stress of shopping for that special someone. All under garments are categorized by mood: Comfort, Romance, Bedtime, Fun, The Basics, Fashion, Sale and Special Occasion. No other intimate apparel website offers this type of lingerie hopping experience. [Continue reading]

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Of the Month Gifts for Birds and Bird-lovers

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