All Dressed Up with Clothing of the Month Clubs

clothing of the month clubs

Food and drink may be the most popular themes when it comes to gift of the month clubs, but they’re not the only gift in town. Clothing of the month clubs are a fashionable alternative that offers long-lasting enjoyment from one season to the next. Since choosing clothing for someone often demonstrates a level of thoughtfulness, giving a clothing of the month club can be an expression of love and is a welcome way to celebrate a birthday, or holiday with gifts that lasts for years.

Another appealing aspect of clothing of the month clubs is that the prices on accessory items are very reasonable, and shipping—if charged at all—is often much less than for other gift clubs because apparel is lightweight. Accessories-themed gift clubs deliver universal items such as ties, socks, and t-shirts. If gifting to your spouse or significant other, then you may want to choose something more intimate. Lingerie and underpants clubs send a sexy message that you don’t need a holiday to make your loved one feel special.

Many clothing companies, even well-known brands like J. Crew, offer apparel of the month clubs for cashmere and shoes (sadly both are now gone). Check out these amazing clothing of the month clubs and wrap up your loved one in a cool clothing gift.

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