Cake of the Month Clubs: 12 Reasons to Celebrate

cake of the month clubs

How often do you eat cake? Is it one of those treats that you only indulge in on birthdays? A cake of the month club may be just what you need to change your tune from “He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” to “A Very Merry Un-Birthday.” It’s easy to find a reason to celebrate when you know that cake will soon be arriving in the mail.

Do you know what my favorite part of monthly cake club is? The flavors! Each gourmet cakery has a different set of recipes, but my personal faves are those that branch out from the traditional German Chocolate and Angel Food varieties. That’s why when rounding up this list up diet-busting cake clubs, we gave special preference to bakeries with gourmet flavors and imaginative menus. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want to open a lovely gift box to the sweet scent of moist coconut citrus, or rich chocolate rum? Cupcakes are great, but these are the kinds of dessert that you want to receive full size!  [Continue reading]

Art by Mail Subscriptions for Your Creative Side

Art of the month clubs are an excellent way to get exciting new art pieces to add to a collection. If you are unsure of what to choose or how to get new art pieces, then a handmade art of the month club is a beautiful and affordable option. These … [Continue reading]

Monthly Astronaut Autograph Club

Remember when receiving mail was fun? Then create that memory again for someone you love by signing them up for the ultimate 'of the month' club—The Astronaut Autograph Club. Imagine their delight when they rush to the mailbox each month to claim … [Continue reading]

Bacon of the Month Club: Everything is Better with Bacon

If you're reading this blog, then you can guess how we feel about "of the month clubs." (Hint: They are the ideal gift for nearly anyone.) But, do you know how we feel about bacon? A wise man once said: Bacon is meat candy. Well, we couldn't agree … [Continue reading]

Tea of the Month Clubs Are a Healthy Indulgence

While everyone else might be giving away gift sets and pre-arranged baskets from big-box department store retailers this year, you can give a truly unique present with a tea of the month club. Many people love to enjoy fine drinks and to try new … [Continue reading]