Great American Beer Club Delivers Craft Brews

craft beer of the month club

When U.S. craft breweries started reporting record sales, The Great American Beer Club took notice and decided to offer craft beer drinkers what they wanted—their own Beer of the Month Club. The Great American Beer Club an easy way to taste the best of the best from craft breweries around the country.

“Craft Beer success has reached epidemic proportions.” – Dan Wandel, SVP Information Resources Inc.

The numbers are quite staggering and The Great American Beer Club saw a 30% increase in Beer of the month club memberships in the first half of 2010.

With the booming numbers and tangible shift in market share, there is no better time to taste what America’s independent brewers have to offer and The Great American Beer Club is leading the charge. Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for another, a Beer of the month club subscription is a surefire way to see for yourself why craft brews are without a doubt 2010’s darling drink. [Continue reading]

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